Zach Mettenberger confident he'd beat out any QB at #2

Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by xpmar9x, Feb 22, 2015.

  1. Titans2004

    Titans2004 Pro Bowler

    For the Titans to have long term success we need to find our franchise QB. I think that Mett could be that guy, but I'm not willing to pass up on one in the draft to find out. I would rather have too many good QBs than not enough. People say we need to bring in a FA QB to compete with Mett. That is garbage because all the FA QBs are garbage. No need to waste any time/money on any of them. If you want to find your franchise QB then put Mett up against Mariota/Winston. Their is no doubt that this would give us our best chance of finding our franchise QB. I would not risk going into 2016 needing to draft a QB because then it is going to cost you a ton in draft picks to move up and get your guy and then in 2016 you are starting a rookie.
  2. JR1980

    JR1980 Starter

    And this is exactly why you will likely see the Titans draft Petty, Hundley, or Grayson..ETC...I'm not sure they are sold on Mariota. If any QB is even close behind him, you take BPA at #2 then get your QB. Win win. It adds competition and depth. That is if you can't find a FA QB
  3. Rwill

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    Winston is the only qb that really merits a top pick but then he is a headcase so unless we want to chance another Vince Young, you have to pass on Winston.
    We are still going to suck next season and we will still end up with a very valuable first round draft pick next season.
    Trade that number 2, pick up 4-5 good players in this draft, then go into next season's draft looking for a qb.
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    Winston isn't a headcase, he's just immature.
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    Bryan Bennett. 4th Round. Looked very good at combine. Not a lot of talk because of where he came from. Big arm, has the height/weight, made all the throws. Very natural thrower. I'm liking him a lot after the more tape I watch of him.
  6. Ontario Titan

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    Eli is still average. If his name was anything other than Manning no one would be talking about him.
  7. JR1980

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    I know isn't it crazy he has 2 Super Bowls under his belt?....I didn't like him coming out of college. Especially after the whole San Diego fiasco...Little arrogant punk demanding where he plays not even having stepped on an NFL field. I guess it's nice to have the last name "Manning"
  8. Titans2004

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    I'm all for trading down if we can find a trade partner....I'd like to get at least a 2nd this yr and a 1st next yr. With the extra 1st we could use it to trade up and get a QB if Mett doesn't work out.

    My fear is that we end up taking Williams at #2 and then Mett fails to be the man and we are in a must get a QB spot next yr without extra picks.

    At this point though I find it really hard to believe that one of the QB needy teams won't offer us something for whichever QB is left.
  9. Wolverine

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    If Mett fails than we will be in the same spot where we are now. We would be in position to draft a Quarterback.
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