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Discussion in 'Titan Cup/Fantasy Football' started by TitansJonne, Sep 6, 2009.

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  1. Chapparal97

    Chapparal97 Grumpy Old Fart

    I'm in 3 leagues. Only had 1 draft so far. I have 2 more tonight. Going to be busy.

    Thus far, 12 team, standard ESPN scoring I have:

    QB - Drew Brees, Joe Flacco
    RB - Matt Forte, Darren McFadden, Jamal Lewis, Donald Brown
    WR - Roddy White, Brandon Marshall, Jerico Cotchery, Donnie Avery, Josh Morgan, Ted Ginn, Jr
    TE - Zach Miller, Jared Cook
    D - Titans
    K - Robbie Gould

    Need help at WR. Hoping Avery and Morgan become true #1's. Bironas was waived the other day, thinking about taking him tomorrow when he's available.

    The other 2 leagues are PPR with bonus points for length of play. QB's get 6 for TD's, no subtractions for turnovers. Much more interesting.
  2. Chapparal97

    Chapparal97 Grumpy Old Fart

    Piece of advice.......Never be a homer when drafting a fantasy team.
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  3. TitansJonne

    TitansJonne OG triple OG

    I get it, ut it wasn't a homer choice. I figured the top rbs would be taken so i tried to grab cj with lendale hoping for production. Like i said it was my first draft so i was kinda was just making picks based on nothing lol. And yea ringer as i said somehow just came to me.

    And i don't know why i have 2 kickers :ha:
  4. Chapparal97

    Chapparal97 Grumpy Old Fart

    Depending on what the league requires for your roster, I would suggest dropping Ringer, one D/ST and a kicker (unless you have to carry 2). Use the open spots to pick up a starting RB or two and another receiver. Watch the bye weeks though. Remember, Ringer is #3or4....there's much better selections that will actually play out there.

    It's OK to have Lendale as a handcuff for CJ, but Ringer won't see many carries on O, and if he returns kicks for TD's those points will show up on D/ST.
  5. Deuce Wayne

    Deuce Wayne #CoachKegstand

    QB- Matt Ryan, Ben Roethlisberger

    WR - Calvin Johnson, Santonio Holmes, Anthony Gonzalez, Steve Breaston

    RB - Michael Turner, Steve Slaton, Julius Jones, Willis McGahee

    TE - Tony Gonzalez, Heath Miller

    K - David Akers, Jason Elam

    Def - Philadelphia, Cleveland

    So... I'm feeling pretty good.
  6. Yossarian

    Yossarian I am Him.

    I like everything but your D
  7. Abe Froman

    Abe Froman Sausage King of Chicago

    10-team league:

    QB: Jay Cutler
    WR: Randy Moss, Greg Jennings, Justin Gage
    RB: Adrian Peterson, Ryan Grant
    TE: Antonio Gates
    K: Rob Bironas
    DEF: Green Bay

    Yes, I had a great draft.
  8. RavensShallBurn

    RavensShallBurn Ruck the Favens

    I'll post both of my teams.

    10 team (Live Draft)

    QB - Philip Rivers
    WR - Marques Colston, Santonio Holmes, Anthony Gonzalez
    RB - Brian Westbrook, Chris Johnson
    TE - Antonio Gates
    W/R - DeSean Jackson
    K - Mason Crosby
    DEF - Philadelphia

    BN - Knowshon Moreno
    BN - Ben Roethlisberger
    BN - Tim Hightower
    BN - Derrick Mason
    BN - Anthony Fasano
    BN - Leon Washington

    That team is phenomenally superior to all others in my league. I love drafting steals and having my bench loaded with talent... I had the 6th pick.

    10 team (Auto-pick/pre-ranked)

    QB - Drew Brees
    WR - Greg Jennings, T.J. Houshmandzadeh
    RB - Chris Johnson, Darren McFadden
    TE - Jason Witten
    W/R - Lee Evans
    K - John Kasay, Josh Brown
    DEF - Philadelphia, Cleveland

    BN - Jonathan Stewart
    BN - Carson Palmer
    BN - Willis McGahee
    BN - Derrick Mason
    BN - Anthony Fasano

    I like the team I picked live much better, of course. The auto-picked team is good, but not great.

    I didn't even mean to pick Chris Johnson or Knowshon Moreno on my live draft team... the second round came around, I already had Westrbook, so I clicked Tom Brady, and draft... gave me CJ instead. I did the same thing later with Big Ben, and it gave me Moreno instead... ended up not mattering since I ended up with Big Ben anyways. And Philip Rivers is just about as good as Brady. I think everything worked out well.
  9. psychotictitan

    psychotictitan Its About That Time...

    First time doin fantasy,

    WR-Greg Jennings
    WR-Brandon Marshall
    RB-Kevin Smith
    TE-Owen Daniels
    WR/TE-Eddie Royal
    Kicker-Robbie Gould

    bn-Felix Jones
    bn-Ricky williams
    bn-12 gage
    bn-kevin Curtis
    bn-Jericho Cotchery
  10. Deuce Wayne

    Deuce Wayne #CoachKegstand

    You know, I actually had "My D is the only thing that worries me" in my original post. But Philly was top 3 last year- so who knows, maybe they can be as good this year.

    Cleveland I can trade if there's a team that's hot on turnovers.
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