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Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by titans1839, Feb 24, 2013.

  1. Jwill1919

    Jwill1919 Coach

    So what about...

    3)Hunt or Banks?
  2. LoneWolf

    LoneWolf Starter

    We have a better chance of getting Slay in the 3rd round than Banks... You do realize he is a 1st round prospect at the latest an early second
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  3. Soxcat

    Soxcat Starter

    Asuming Milliner and Foyd are gone...
    1. Werner or Ansah
    2. Warford
    3. Justin Hunter
  4. UrbanLegend3

    UrbanLegend3 Pro Bowler

    Remember this thread mid season next year when we can't get the run going and Jake is out there running for his life all because we fell in love with a speedy DE with "potential". C'mon guys remember what we put up with this year. We NEED a stud OG in the first,it wouldn't just be "nice to have" it's a need. We're lucky that one of the best guard prospects not only in the draft but in years happens to be a need and will likely fall to us. How can we pass that up?

    Great pass rushers come out every year. This year it's Ansah and Dion Jordan but next year it will just be someone else with a different name. The world won't run out of pass rushers and we don't HAVE to address the DE position this year.Let's collectively pop an adderall and not get distracted by the shiny pass rusher.
  5. griff33daddy

    griff33daddy Starter

    you do realize that mid round offensive lineman turn into solid players every year too so your point is invalid, while i agree with it, im just saying
  6. UrbanLegend3

    UrbanLegend3 Pro Bowler

    We've also had QB's taken after the 5th round who will be hall of famers. Arguably the best rookie QB last year was taken in the third. These guys are exceptions. Cameron Wake (undrafted), Jared Allen(4th rd), Chris Clemons( undrafted), Greg Hardy (6th rd) all these guys were either drafted late or not at all and they each had 10 or more sacks last season. Why not apply your logic to DE instead of OG? Yes we may find a "solid" guard later on but i'm not settling for that. You settle for a solid guy but you aim to get a stud, we can do that this year.
  7. xhrr

    xhrr Starter

    1. Chance Warmack
    2. Jesse Williams
    3. DJ Swearinger
    3. Honey Badger

    Final copy until FA pans out
  8. ImATitan

    ImATitan Pro Bowler

    I took this from another forum. Some interesting stuff.

    There are certain marks that players historically have to hit to achieve success at the next level. Here are some defensive players that either hit or miss marks that traditionally have been very telling of NFL success.

    The Bad

    DaMontre Moore (DE/OLB/Unemployed? Texas A&M) - He was seen as a top 10 pick and now is tumbling down boards. His numbers pretty much indicate that he will not be successful in the NFL. He is 250 pounds and only ran a 4.95 in the 40 and only put up 12 reps in the bench press. Both of those marks spell doom for Moore. In the last 15 years only 2 defensive ends have gone through the combine and ran a 40 in less than 4.9 and went on to become a multi-year starter.

    Manti Te'o (LB Notre Dame) - His stock is on the decline after running a 4.82 in the 40 and coming in at 241 pounds. This coupled with a very mediocre broad jump are factors that traditionally don't bode well for NFL success. Linebackers that run a 4.75 in the 40 or slower have a very low success rate at the next level.

    Bjoern Werner (DE Florida State) - His stock didn't take much of a big hit but his total numbers raise an eyebrow when you consider that he had below average numbers in the 40, vertical leap, cone and broad jump. Now you are probably thinking those don't mean anything. Well historically there are benchmarks for those abilities that have a strong correlation with NFL success. And Werner didn't hit those marks....

    Jonathan Banks - The cornerback from Miss State the same as Werner didn't do terrible but all the same when translating to NFL success the 3 key standards for defensive backs are 40, vertical and bench press. Jonathan Banks failed to hit the key marks in all 3 of those areas.

    The Good

    Eric Reid (safety LSU) - Is seen anywhere from a late 2nd to 4th round pick. But he burned it up at the combine. Coming in at 6'1 213 he hit all the key benchmarks for safeties. 4.53 in the 40, 17 reps, 40" vertical, sub 7 seconds in the cone drill and 11' 2" broad jump.

    Dee Milliner (cornerback Alabama) - He went in as the top corner and only boosted his stock by burning it up. Could be an option at #10 but odds are that he most likely will be gone by that point after this showing.... He easily topped benchmarks for starting corners. The game film, position drills and athletic drills all seem to point to him being a solid starting corner.

    Desmond Trufant (cornerback Washington) - He blew people away at the combine the only thing is now he is likely in no mans land for the Titans. He is projected in the middle of the 1st round. So the Titans would either likely have to reach for him at #10 or trade up to get him from the 2nd round. But he ran a 4.38 40, 16 reps, 37" vertical, 3.85 shuttle and 10'5" broad jump.

    Cornelius Washington (DE/LB Georgia) - A freak of nature. Measured up 6'4 265 and registered a 4.55 40, 36 reps, 39" vertical and 10'8" broad jump. Just insane.

    Trevardo Williams (DE/OLB Connecticut) - Another guy who flashed great ability. Measured in at 6'1 240 and posted a 4.57 40, 30 reps, 38" vertical and 10'4" broad jump.

    Devin Taylor (DE South Carolina) - Another freakish guy. Measured in 6'7 266 with 36" arms and posted a 4.7 40, only 14 reps in the bench press but finished top 2 in broad jump, cone drill and shuttle drill for defensive ends with a 35" vertical.

    Here are the players that the Titans have already met

    Will Davis, CB, Utah State, (RFM)
    Luke Joeckel, OT, Texas A&M, (COM)
    Manti Te'o, LB, Notre Dame (COM)
    Kenny Vaccaro, S, Texas (COM)
    Brian Winters, OL, Kent State (SR)
  9. xpmar9x

    xpmar9x The Real Slim Shady

    Here's what i'm currently wanting:

    1st - Chance Warmack, OG, Bama
    2nd - Cornellius 'Tank' Carradine, DE, Florida St
    3rd - Tyrann Mathieu, NB, LSU/Streets
    3 C - Safety: DJ Swearinger, Bacarri Rambo, or Tony Jefferson
    4th - AJ Klein, ILB, Iowa St
    5th - *Fallen RB*
    Pair that with the signing of Andy Levitre, Chris Canty, and a cheap(er) RB. Bring back Velasco & 'Spoon for depth. I personally don't want Cook back either. Cut Amano & Hawkins, rework MHs deal.
  10. The Hammer

    The Hammer Problematic AF

    1. Johnathan Hankins -- DT Ohio State
    2. Matt Elam -- S Florida
    3. Travis Frederick -- OG Wisconsin
    4. (third round comp)Terron Armstead -- OT
    In FA sign one of OG Andy Levitre or Louis Vasquez to a long term deal and C Todd McClure to a short deal. McClure can start at C with Velasco starting at the other OG spot. Velasco moves back to C when a kid is ready to take over.

    Some points to be made:
    • Only way we get an elite DT is in the first round. Canty is not coming to Tennessee. He is going to the Panthers to play in his home town as soon as they free up the cap space. We already have a plethora of second and third round DTs. We have to take on in the first
    • We need a Safety of the future. Wilson is a nice stop gap until Elam is ready to start full time
    • No one has pimped for the Honey Badger here more than I have. But I do not see him lasting to the third. Think he will be gone late first to early second
    • Warmack would be nice in the first. However, there are good FA OGs available and the draft is deep with O line talent
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