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  1. GoTitans3801

    GoTitans3801 Forward Progress!

    Right, he was saying that we don't have decent depth on the line, which is why the second and third stringers are getting tons of penalties. I'd generally agree with that. We lost Loper, our best Tackle depth, and with Harris subbing in for Mawae, we really don't have many significant other subs. I think we're ok at tackle with Otto and Kropog, but I don't know much about our depth at guard and center (beyond Harris).
  2. From-the-stands

    From-the-stands Starter

    Yeah, the depth is a problem, but hopefully no one gets hurt in the near term while Munchak coaches the subs up into quality backups. The other guy made a comment the the line was a sieve "all night long", which was incorrect. The starters didn't allow a sack on Collins or Young, while also avoiding any holding penalties
  3. Carpy

    Carpy Disgruntled foreign veteran

    QB: (3) Collins, Young, Ramsey
    RB: (4) Johnson, White, Ringer, Henry
    FB: (1) Hall
    TE: (4) Scaife, Crumpler, Cook, Stevens
    WR: (5) Gage, Washington, Britt, Davis, Hawkins
    OL: (7) Mawae, Roos, Stewart, Amano, Scott, Harris, Kroppog
    K: (1) Bironas

    DE: (4) Kearse, KVB, Hayes, Ford
    DT: (5) Jones, Brown, Haye, Vickerson, Marks
    LB: (7) Tulloch, Bulluck, Thornton, Keglar, McGrath, Fowler, Stamer
    CB: (6) Harper, Finnegan, Faggins, Mouton, McCourty, Williams
    S: (4) Hope, Griffin, Fuller, Harris
    P: (1) Hentrich
    LS: (1) Amato

    I think with Cook's versatility we only keep 5 WRs. Likewise with Jones at DL. I think Harris may beat out Nickey and with the injuries at LB, I think we go into the season with 7 LBs (and consequently Stamer holds off Ball for the final spot).
  4. GoTitans3801

    GoTitans3801 Forward Progress!

    7 o-linemen still scares me. We keep 6 LBs, ofwhich for most of the game we only use 2, but we only keep one more o-lineman, of which we use 5? I think in that scenario, either Stamer or Henry goes, and another backup guard or center stays.
  5. LoneStarPhan

    LoneStarPhan Starter

    I was thinking Henry would not make it this year but then I saw him make a nice tackle on special teams. Is he known to be a good special teams player?
  6. I can't see us keeping less than 8 OLinemen. It's just a question of who that 8th is. Maybe they'll sign a veteran who gets released...

    As for Henry, I'd sooner keep a 7th LB for special teams than Henry as a 4th RB.
  7. GLinks

    GLinks Second Gear

    After the HOF game, I see it as such:

    QB (2) - Collins/VY
    RB (3) - Johnson/White/Ringer
    FB (1) - Hall
    TE (4) - Scaife/Crumpler/Cook/Stevens
    WR (6) - Gage/Washington/Britt/Davis/Hawkins/Williams (for now, of course)
    OL (7) - Roos/Amano/Mawae/Scott/Stewart/Harris/Kropog

    DT (5) - Brown/Jones/Haye/Vickerson/Marks
    DE (5) - KVB/Kearse/Ford/Hayes/Birdine
    LB (7) - Bulluck/Thornton/Tulloch/Fowler/Keglar/Boiman/McRath
    CB (5) - Finnegan/Harper/Faggins/Mouton/McCourty
    S (4) - Hope/Griffin/Fuller/Nickey

    P - Hentrich
    K - Bironas
    LS - Amato

    I haven't seen yet really where Cary Williams deserves a roster spot. I think he's the new "Toast" Jenkins. His first breakup was nice, but beyond that he was abused and out of place the majority. I think McCourty provides same size with better speed.

    I almost rolled with two punters, but gave the last spot to King, pretty much for no reason at the moment. Given Craig's history of back problems, it couldn't hurt to put Trepasso on the roster, but that's a rare thing to do.

    I think Davis and Williams will fight for one spot if for no other reason than it's time. Williams has better speed and size overall, but Davis rolled with the starters and returned punts. On the other hand, I in no way ever envisioned Davis making an actual NFL touchdown on anything other than special teams. I guess I should be happy if both deserved to stay, but I look forward to seeing something from Edison and Guice before preaseason is over.

    I'm starting to feel like Scaife may be somewhat superfluous. If you strike game one of 2008, it lowers Scaife's per game average to about 30 yards per. Not sure it's worth the $4.46M, but then again, we could arguably use the depth here over a long season. Still, I think a trade to a needy team might be ideal. I wouldn't mind so much adding Casey Cramer back to the 53 in that case to back up the FB/H-Back position.

    Another reason I'd move Scaife is to possibly extend LenDale. I think people are waking up to the possibility he may surprise them, and we need a back like this at all times. I kind of think without him, we are somewhat limited. I've said before that franchising him or extending him makes sense to me, and trading Scaife would allow us to do that sooner rather than later, when we stand less of a chance -- but there's always the franchise tag.

    Thinking Henry is gone, and so is Q most likely, but I believe he'd get picked up if that were the case. Little would likely stay on the PS I suppose.

    I left Ball off because Birdine just outshined him Sunday. Also, if this remained the case throughout the preseason, I think Schwartz would have first crack at picking up Ball(?), so I don't think that would be a bad move if Birdine is ready for the 53. I hope it's more than just the luck of the #92 jersey or something.

    Finally, I went defense heavy on the final 53, which I think makes sense this year. Even with the imbalance, I think the development and addition of players on our offense will allow the Titans to go a little thinner here while still taking a giant step forward offensively. Counting Washington, Cook and Ringer alone accomplishes this, IMO. Add in the hopeful return to form of Alge and contribution from one of Davis or Williams, plus a lighter but still powerful LenDale, I think we're looking good.
  8. GLinks

    GLinks Second Gear

    I went 7 OL because the place we tend to replace is C and we have three guys who can play that right now. We keep guys for this on the PS. My big ?s are:

    Will Hentrich survive all season?
    Who will return punts?
    Who will be the third receiver? (Right now I'm thinking Jared Cook.)
    Will we need Bo Scaife? I suppose, if Cook is the answer to the above question.
    Who will be the new linebacker we seem to add every year? Will Stamer hold? Will Alred make the cut? Will Boiman stick?
    Is our run defense going to make me worry all season as it did Sunday?
  9. TitanJeff

    TitanJeff Kahuna Grande Staff

    Updated with a few minor changes:

    QB: (2) Collins, Young
    RB: (4) Johnson, White, Ringer, Ganther
    FB: (1) Hall
    TE: (4) Scaife, Crumpler, Cook, Stevens
    WR: (6) Gage, Washington, Britt, Jones, Hawkins, Edison
    OL: (7) Mawae, Roos, Stewart, Amano, Scott, Harris, Kroppog
    K: (1) Bironas

    DE: (5) Kearse, KVB, Hayes, Ford, Ball
    DT: (5) Jones, Brown, Haye, Vickerson, Marks
    LB: (6) Tulloch, Bulluck, Thornton, Keglar, McGrath, Fowler
    CB: (6) Harper, Finnegan, Faggins, Mouton, McCourty, Williams
    S: (4) Hope, Griffin, Fuller, Nickey
    P: (1) Hentrich
    LS: (1) Amato

    I think either Ganther sticks over Henry based on special teams play. I now think Edison has a shot over P. Williams though the Titans may keep PW and put Edison on the practice squad depending on their special teams impact. I'm not sure about Otto after watching him the last two games. Maybe he sticks or goes to the PS. I'm still not sold on C. Williams and wonder if he, or McCourty, will end up on the practice squad if the Titans can find an upgrade.

    I still have Jones making it mainly because I don't see anyone else who has the experience as a punt returner and I think his history shows him to be much more reliable than what we saw last weekend.

    Stamer and Alred are both special team standouts. One may sneak in over Ganther, Edison or Ball.

    I think this is one of the most difficult cuts in recent years. There will be some good talent released who will be playing for other teams on Sunday.
  10. I still think we'll keep Ramsey, but we'll see. And 8 OLinemen is a minimum, so probably add Otto or some vet who gets cut.

    I don't think we'll keep Ganther (though it's no sure thing). Do we need a 4th RB? We aren't going to keep 4 RBs up on gamedays, so his special teams play is meaningless unless someone else is hurt.

    Last year we kept Ganther as the #3 RB and Henry was inactive as he didn't play special teams. But we can safely go back to 3 RBs like in every other year. Plus, I suspect we could re-sign him off the free agent market if we needed him due to injury. I doubt anyone else in the NFL would pick him up.
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