Young's Passing Continues to Improve

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    SUMMARY: Somewhat lost in the late game heroics with his legs is the fact Titans rookie QB Vince Young is improving with his arm. Young was completing just 45.7 percent of his passes three weeks ago with six touchdowns and eight interceptions and a passer rating of 56.1. In the past three games, Young has turned it around, completing 58 of 89 passes (65.2 percent) with four TDs and three interceptions. Young's completion percentage is now 51.7 percent with a passer rating of 65.7. "In the pocket, he’s making good throws. When he gets outside, he’s making accurate throws," Titans coach Jeff Fisher said. "He’s shown over the last three weeks, he’s shown everybody that if you’re going to commit to stopping our run, and you’re going to create those situations outside, he’ll take advantage of it. He was very accurate outside."

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  2. titanfan53

    titanfan53 put me in coach

    he is getting better as each week passes. he is still a rookie, he still needs to learn to completely read defenses and once he does this.....oh man i cant wait..outside the pocket he is almost unstoppable because unlike vick he doesnt just put his head down and run he keeps his eyes up and still looks to throw before completely commiting to the run. i dont even like comparing him to vick just because VY is doing in his rookie year what vick is doing(or was doing) loast year and to start this year off.
  3. He is much bigger, stronger, and harder to bring down than Vick. At the Ohio State-Texas game last year, the Ohio State fans sitting next to me could not believe how big he was when he walked out onto the field.
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    Combination of many things, not the least of which is getting chemistry with his receivers. He and Drew are getting on the same page, along with Scaife, Wade and Jones. This team is really playing so much better, while others are going downhill. It's nice to be competitive again.
  5. plato

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    Many on this board said he would never have a high completion percentage...

    It looks like the kid will be able to be a 60+% guy for most of his career..IMO.

    If he can average 65.2 percent over three games as a rookie I'm sure in the future it will become common..

    The fact teams have to use a spy on Vince always keeps a LB from attacking the play, run or pass, the way he normally would and also keeps him from dropping in coverage.... This has helped the run game and pass game...

    First 4 games we had 93 carries for 281 yards 3.0 ypc
    Since Vince became the starter we've had 295 carries for 1542 yards 5.2 ypc.

    That is an amazing turnaround... From one of the worst in the NFL to one of the best almost instantly..


    Doing some more research it happened at Texas as well...

    No Vince 4.0 ypc middle of the road rushing team.
    With Vince 5.9 ypc second best in the nation.
    After Vince left with a very good OL 4.4 ypc

    Accounting for Vince screws things up and unlike Vick, Vince keeps his eye's down field looking to pass first unless it was a designed run....
  6. smili

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