Young's lack of maturity

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by NewsGrabber, Sep 7, 2008.

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  1. Riverman

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    I believe there is something to this. The whole brick catching gimmick is an embarrassment when your WR's can't catch balls that hit them in the mitts.
  2. halt

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    It's hard to catch the ball if it is bounced to you, thrown over, behind or in front of you.

    C'mon guys, quit drinking the Kool-Aid. With proper qb play and execution, this team can go far into the play offs, maybe even to the sb. If the three studs on defense stay healthy and motivated to play, and the offense can put up 20-25 points/game, we'll go to the sb. But it's not going to happen with a pouty kid pretending to be a qb, sulking on the sidelines or ignoring what is going on with the game and laughing and joking with the subs on the bench. I watch vy during the games with binos, and I know what he is doing when is isn't on the field. And it is much different than what you see other qb's around the league doing.
  3. GoT

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    after horrible pick 1 into thrown straight zone coverage he at least had a short talk with Heimeidklfhdger, after horrible pick 2 lobbed straight into a DL hands he tossed his helmet 20 feet into the air and isolated himself on the bench with the QB coach repulsing any attempts his teammates made to console him.
  4. Amishboy

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    The worst part is he has done this before. There have been other games on the line and Vince has gone down with some wild rolling on the ground “injury”. He got Norm Chow fired because Norm called him out last year about his pouting. But something Vince is going to have to figure out is games like this are usually sloppy. You just have to man up and find some way to win.

    Something else that is getting obvious is his lack of running. I don’t know if it is some kind of misplaced pride or what. But he needs to run. Not just to gain yards on the ground but because it helps his passing game. When he runs it’s easier for receivers to get open. The D line is more worried about contain. He just needs to play his game and not worry about what other QB’s are doing. He should go back and watch tape of his first year.
  5. halt

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    Very interesting story just on ESPN. Seems that vy left his house and some "friends" became concerned about him, called Fisher, who called the police, who later located vy at another "friends" house. Seems that all were concerned about vy's mental state. Much the same as has been reflected in this thread.
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