Young Wants to Make Believers of Jags

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    SUMMARY: Though Vince Young helped guide the Titans to six wins in thrilling fashion last season, his worst games were against the Jaguars. In those two games, Young posted a passer rating of 42.0 with three interceptions and four sacks. Young looks forward to a clean slate against the Jaguars. "That was last year. The key point, you said 'last year.' That was last year," Young said. "Not taking anything away from those guys — they are a great football team and a real physical team, as well as ourselves. We are a physical football team, a way different team than last year. And we are looking forward to going down there and redeeming ourselves." The Jaguars defense was ranked second in the NFL last season, and in eight home games they allowed a league-low 11.0 points per game. "They just go out there and play their game and hope that the offense makes mistakes," Young said. "We just want to go out there and play our game and take whatever the defense gives us and go from there."

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    I have removed all kryptonite from the area. You go Vince. You go.
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