Young to Remain Titans #2 QB

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by, Aug 31, 2009.

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  1. tex-titan

    tex-titan Camp Fodder

    Ummmm what you said was "Name one QB that has evolved to a great QB at Young's point in his career? "

    What I said was that Aikman started off slow and still managed to win a SB.

    1989 TD 8 INT 18
    1990 TD 11 INT 18
    1991 TD 11 INT 10

    Looks like Vince is doing better than Aikman ( a 3 time SB winner) was doing.

    But that must be a fluke... let's look at Steve Young

    1985 TD 3 INT 8
    1986 TD 8 INT 13

    Hmmm that is odd... how can any great QB not be perfect to start his career?

    Ok... that MUST be a fluke... let's look at Terry Bradshaw.

    1970 TD 6 INT 24 (you would have cut him his rookie year.)
    1971 TD 13 INT 22
    1972 TD 12 INT 12
    1973 TD 10 INT 12

    Hell I don't get it. How is is possible that the Steelers won with this guy. It must be a lie !!!

    YES A GIANT LIE ... lets look at Drew Brees who some say is pretty good.

    2001 TD 1 INT 0
    2002 TD 17 INT 16
    2003 TD 11 INT 15

    CLEARLY A TERRIBLE QB !!! I don't get some people.

    And Kerry Collins...

    1995 TD 14 INT 19
    1996 TD 14 INT 9
    1997 TD 11 INT 21 (and you think this guy should be playing?)

    Oh and the WORST QB of ALL time

    Warren Moon !!! This guy was terrible !!!!

    1984 TD 12 INT 14
    1985 TD 15 INT 19
    1986 TD 13 INT 26

    And you were right Tony Romo was 3rd string his first two years and started the 3rd year as a backup but got the starting job half way through the year.
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  2. From-the-stands

    From-the-stands Starter

    To be honest Tex, the Aikman comparison, by this point in their careers, is unflattering to Vince. Aikman turned it up a notch in year 3, raising his QB rating 20 points from 66.6 the previous year, to 86.7. Vince, of course, had his infamous meltdown in year 3. Aikman got better in year 4 while Vince continues to ride the bench.

    Vince has done some good things this preseason, enough to give hope for the once future of the franchise. But, to say history is on his side is not accurate at all.

  3. titan_fan_4ever

    titan_fan_4ever Titans Rule

    i really dont know what all you guys are talking about right now. but as for vince, he has grown a lot in my eyes. here are some things i've seen:

    1) he no longer seems to be pouting all the time
    2) he's conversing more on the sidelines rather than sitting alone
    3) he accepted competition and fought to keep his number 2 instead of complaining about less playing time.
    4) short-term memory on bad plays; he's bouncing back really good compared to before
    5) his accuracy has improved, he's been throwing some nice floaters in the preseason
    6) he's reading defenses much better than before
    7) better pocket presence

    .... improvements are quite evident everywhere and ths makes me happy and honestly im starting to believe in this guy again. im not sure about the whole history, but at least he's got the present on his side.

    im just worried come next season or so he wont be in two-tone blue...
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  4. tex-titan

    tex-titan Camp Fodder

    I agree that Vince needs to mature more and he needs to hone his skills. That being said Vince being benched in his 3rd season had little to do with his performance on the field. It was mainly his immaturity, knee injury and Fisher's reluctance to take any risks.

    I never said history was on his side. I simply responded to another poster who implied that no great QB's start off slow.

    Ok, as far as I know Vince has yet to play his 4th season. Nobody has any idea what will happen this year, so let's not count the chickens before they hatch.
  5. SEC 330 BIPOLAR

    SEC 330 BIPOLAR jive turkey



    fanhood is about HONOR.

    Where were you Thursday night?

    I go to every home game.

    I pay my money. I don't just buy the jersey or the shirt and hat... I buy the tickets... It's guys like me that keep it on TV 'fo free!

    Hab Sosli Quch!!
  6. TitansJonne

    TitansJonne OG triple OG

    :ha::ha::ha: HAHAHAHA well thanks SEC, it guys like me that appreciate you keeping it free and making the stadium loud.
  7. Jwill1919

    Jwill1919 Coach

    Dude, I don't know what Troll-hole you crawled out of, but we've been having civilized conversations about Vince Young and every other QB on this team for the last 4 years. If you really want to bash everyone who has said a negative word about your man-crush, then I suggest you start a thread and say something negative about every member of this forum, because every member of this forum at one time has said something derogatory about Vince Young.

    I suggest you keep your insults to yourself and agree to disagree with some members here, you also might want to do some research on "Fandom". I think someone who irreprehensibly supports the organization by going to each and every home game and also away games trumps your "Fandom" because you in fact were not the highest bidder for Vince Young's jockstrap on EBay.:hmm:

    You're not going to be taken seriously if you don't have any facts or even non-biased topic points in any of your rumblings. As someone else said, was the TOMB really that expensive to keep open?? It's like in Ghostbusters when they had to let all the ghosts back out of the holding tank and back into civilization.:irked:
  8. jessestylex

    jessestylex DeadGirlsCantSayNo

    Young Vince.
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