Young Showing Patience in Improvement

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    SUMMARY: With 16 starts under his belt, he's 10-6. In the last 10 games, he's 8-2. Though Young's passing stats might not rank with some elite quarterbacks in their first 16 NFL starts, but his ability to win games rivals some of the best in the league. Titans Coach Jeff Fisher said the best trait Young has shown lately is patience. "He understands the difference now between each opponent and that there is more to his job on the field than I think what he thought last year. Early last year I think he thought he had to win by himself. I think he understands now that defense has a role, special teams has a role offense has a role," Fisher said Tuesday. "Granted, there will be games when the ball is in his hand at the end and he is going to have to make a play and we are going to ask him to do a lot more. But he is managing the game right now … and is trying not to do too much."

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    Vince is growing up and getting better every week, that first half monday night he looked awsome the way he spread the ball around and, the way he managed the clock. We have a super team this year i don't care who you are! Pacman who?? I hate to say this but we don't even miss him a bit :grrhee: !! GO TITANS!!
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    SEC 330 BIPOLAR jive turkey


    am I the only one who is not 100% in love with the photograph choice for this story? What are we looking at? Is that some kind of bumbled snap or something? a fumble perhaps? Vince looks like he's about to get run over by a truck...


    wait a minute... is he actually holding that ball?

    maybe there is something to this throwing motion stuff...
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