Young Showing Dedication to Improve

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by, May 11, 2007.

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  1. obviously not, but if he has already pulled a hammy, he really needs to work on his flexibility
  2. jfrancis04

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    Let's try not to turn this into another negative Lendale thread. We finally have some positive news so lets enjoy it.

    I'm really encouraged by these recent comments from Fisher and Young. Vince seems more focused than ever on getting this team to the next level. If VY can step up his completion numbers and 3rd down percentages, it would be a very good improvement for this team. It looks like VY is ready to do his part, now he just needs these young guys to step up quickly.
  3. yea... if everyone on the team had the drive that vince does we would be super bowl contenders
  4. PAtitansfan53

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    We all knew this is what VY would do over the offseason the guy's a gamer. He takes so much pride in his play and is always looking to improve. He has a top notch work ethic and desire which is why he will be great.

    LW tweaks his hammy doesn't suprise me. When you sit on your arse then get up and try and run full speed shiz happens. Work out and stretch a bit and this wouldn't have happened. It's always something with this guy I'm sick of picking chumps like him all the potential and no work ethic of desire. He is a fat and slow RB I hope Chris Henry smokes him I wish I could see LW's face when he sees how f'in jacked and fast C-Hen is. LW is probably saying it to get out of practice since he was winded.

    It's time to weed out the bad players like him, Fat Al, ect. Pac gets one last shot. If you don't have the desire or work ethic than get out. Look at VY he is playing and working like he doesn't have a roster spot and getting a vet minimum..........I love it.
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    What do you actually know about LenDale White? Or do you just use your amazing power of [pathetic] judgment?
  6. Lumebray

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    I AGREE, LenDale never had a chance to show off what hes got, he was a first round prospect and started over reggie bush...give it time
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    could you find a smaller avatar?

    36x36 px ? is that a pacman is little joke? :ha:
  8. if so... he shoulda made it get wider up around the head
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    Vicks cousins or something like that were linked. Yeah, Vick owns the house, but he claims to never be there and has said to not know about the dogs. Give Vick a break.
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    And others have said that Vick knew about it (maybe his family IIRC)
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