Young says he's doing great, ready for some work

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    <em>Posted by's Paul Kuharsky</em> <p>NASHVILLE, Tenn. - Kerry Collins is definitely going to start at Lucas Oil Stadium. In a game of no real consequence, Vince Young is definitely going to play too.</p> <p>The questions that won't be answered until Sunday are how much and how well?</p> <p>Young has been low key for most of the season since he lost his starting job after asking out of the season opener, then suffering a knee injury.</p> <p>He had a media session Wednesday. I didn't hear a lot new once I got over to it. But I know people are curious about him, so here are some excerpts:</p> <p><strong>Has it been hard sitting back and watching Kerry Collins lead the team?</strong></p> <p>VY: "No, not really. I've been basically doing my job, paying attention, paying attention to Kerry and just getting strong-minded, things like that. Just learning the game, learning the business, all these different things. That's basically it, that's all I've been doing, paying attention to the game and staying out of guys' ways, things like that, being a vocal leader behind the scenes."</p> <p><strong>If this is the last action you get this season, how important is it that it is positive work to carry into the offseason?</strong></p> <p>VY: "Definitely. Anytime you get a chance to get out there on the football field, you're not only showing your teammates, but you're showing a lot of people around the league, about your talents and things like that."</p> <p><strong>Do you think people have forgotten about you?</strong></p> <p>VY: "I doubt it. They know I can play. What I say is I'm just in the shadows right now. Get some time to get to myself and thin, learn, learn the game, learn the business. There are a lot of different things I am learning right now about this whole situation of being behind the scenes. I think it's pretty good for me, overall I am learning a lot."<br clear="none" /> <br clear="none" /> <strong>Is it hard to adjust to this role?</strong></p> <p>VY: "Not difficult. Me being the competitive person that I am, I definitely want to be out there contributing to the team. But right now it's not playing out there on the football field, it's being a scout team quarterback for our defense and sitting behind 5 and learning from a veteran quarterback and that's all I can do right now - come in, work out, do my job, take care of my responsibilities as a backup quarterback and that's what I've been doing."</p> <p><strong>How much have you learned watching from a different angle?</strong></p> <p>VY: "I'm definitely into the offense and knowing where my one, two, three reads are at and if it's not there, check the ball down. A lot of people try to say can you learn from Kerry? Yes I can, but at the same time he plays him game different than I play my game. I'm more of an athlete, if it's not there I can use my legs more a little bit. At the same time, we've still got the same reads and I've been paying attention a whole lot. When people say have you been paying attention a while lot to 5, yes I have. But at the same time, what would I do as a quarterback other than what 5 would do? I see what he does and that's his game, but with my game what would I do to win ball games."</p> <p><strong>You're not always around Mike Heimerdinger and Kerry when they talk after an offensive series?</strong></p> <p>VY: "No, I'm there, I'm there, I'm there. It's not that I am not there. I'm there, I've always been there. I don't know where that comes from. Coach and my teammates and my quarterback boys, they can vouch for me on that, so let's get that out there."</p> <p><strong>Any lessons from Kerry from the ups and downs he's been through in his career?</strong></p> <p>VY: "It's not just 5. I've talked to a whole bunch of quarterbacks. A lot of guys are going through a lot of different situations, different systems... We all go through the same thing because we are all quarterbacks and it basically comes with our jobs. I'll say all that does is make you stronger as a quarterback and rely on your organization and teammates more, you can't really feed into what goes on, what's being said about you. You want to say Hey man, that's not true about you, but you know what's good about you. You just want to tell your fans and friends and family not to read into all that nonsense that goes on about you. That that's not true.</p> <p>"That's the hard part about it, stepping out into the community and you've got people coming up to me, 'How are you doing' and they've got the sad face on and they're thinking I'm sad and I'm down. But really I'm not, I'm great, I'm really string about the situation and I just want them to know as fans an family and everybody that's watching what goes on TV, don't really feed into everything. All I want to tell them is I'm fine, I'm doing great."</p> <p><strong>What's Steve McNair told you about all this?</strong></p> <p>VY: "That's Pops, talking to him, talking to [Donovan] McNabb, talking to a lot of guys, Brett Favre, I have talked to a lot of people and they have given me a lot of inspiring words to use for my next time playing football how to handle certain situations and things like that. So it's going to be fine for me."</p>

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    this has been up for three hours and nate hasn't commented on it? WTF mate?
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    Sorry to let everyone down - Christmas duties called. There is a severe misunderstanding with where my views lie regarding VY. I WANT him to succeed, I'm just not confident that he will. I WANT to be proven wrong so this team continues it's dominance past this season.

    That said, I'm going to go out on a limb here and say it's a great read. I hope his next meaningful start is a good one, it will be important for his confidence moving forward.
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    I think VY will play the whole 4th Q. maybe the 3rd.

    VY play again is going to draw a lot of media buzz imo. lol but if we lose it's going to be his fault.
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