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  1. A Fightin'Titan

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    I for one would like to Vince Young healthy in ALL ASPECTS OF HIS LIFE before returning and competing for the starting job. And yes when he comes back he should have to compete because IMO Kerry is doing a fine job right now.
    I'm pretty sure we would be 4-0 with Vince and his stats would be similar but that is speculation therefore we have to go with the man who is doing it for the team.
    And the " getting into the endzone" arguement is tough to call. IMO watching the games the playcalling this year is SOOOO much better.

    Coach Chow<<<<<<<<< Coach Heimerdinger

    However it does kind of rattle me that Kerry is seemingly getting a big head. Before this season he was happy to be in the backup role which was a good thing and now he is talking about leaving if he doesn't secure the starting job.
  2. ColtKiller

    ColtKiller Starter

    First of all, we probably wouldn't be 4-0 with VY as the QB. The only time we've been trailing in a game this entire season is after VY threw his second pick and Jax scored, putting them ahead. KC has only thrown 1 pick in 13 quarters of play, VY had 2 picks in 3. KC deserves to claim this as his job, and Vince should have to outplay him to get it back. And not to mention, Fisher was on ESPN radio yesterday and said Vince was having a good week of practice and they would determine whether he'll come back as a 2 or 3... starting at this point would be out of the question in anyones eyes. If KC does get hurt (which many of you think is a sure thing even though he rarely gets sacked) then VY will be fighting Simms for the backup spot. I like us just how we are, and I hope Vince can take this opportunity to learn from a QB who is succeeding in the same system and get himself physically and mentally prepared to run this football team as early as next year.
  3. DJB

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    Vince threw a pass the DE made a really great play on for an INT. Then Vince threw a 5 yard pass that hit the receivers hands and he dropped it. Next play Collins came in and threw the exact same 5 yard pass except the receiver caught it and ran 40 yards. I'll use a line from David Cross...people treat Kerry Collins like he came in second place at the special olympics.
  4. ColtKiller

    ColtKiller Starter

    No, it was more live Vince throwing the ball directly into the DE's chest and him catching it. Kinda like the first pick, when he threw it directly to the DB. I just get the impression that before a snap, VY looks at the defense and has absolutely no idea what is going on. Thats my biggest concern, hes got the physical tools to make the play, hes got the arm and the legs, just not the precision and knowledge which is more or less mental.
  5. utdtitans

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    I'm just confused at how collins is so much more accurate and can read defenses so much better than vince but in the last two games he's had vince young like numbers. Yea he's not turning the ball over but his completion percentage is at 56% right now and has been getting worse each game. Would you really rather have a guy throwing deep all the time to our below average receiving corps or have a guy who will occasionally dump it off to cj and scaife. I think vince would actually be very dangerous this year with the emergence of johnson.
  6. Outlaw

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    People can say all they want about Collins, but the man does know how to manage a game.

    I see VY starting for this franchise again but as I've stated before, he has to get his head straight first.

    As long as Collins is managing to get us wins then Young needs to hold the clip board and take notes.
  7. Deuce Wayne

    Deuce Wayne Damnit, I cant find my driving moccasins anywhere!

    I've seen people hit stationary targets 5 yards out. But Vince isn't one of those people.
    Vince makes screen passes look like brain surgery.
  8. T Atlas

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    I think the hole mental status of Vince Young is overblown. But, whatever. I do agree we shouldn't start anyone with any mental issues though.
  9. moose4now

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    Now there's a fan. :rolleyes:
  10. ColtKiller

    ColtKiller Starter

    These are contradictory statements. Sure, he isn't looking like a top 10 QB, but the thing is he's not making mistakes. Our receivers drop lots of passes, that's usually going to impact the QBs completion percentage. However, our receivers don't throw interceptions, and neither does Collins. For all the people who say 'well how come our receivers don't make Collins look bad?' there is your answer: if they weren't a bet for 1-3 drops a week then ole Collins completion percentage may be somewhere around 60%. VY consistently threw the ball to the other team; he was never asked to win a game throwing the ball yet he managed to put us in position to lose games when he did throw the ball.
    As long as we have a QB who can manage a game and not turn it over we will be more then okay. You can wait around all you want for the day Collins implodes but the fact is we will keep defensive blitz schemes honest with our run game, so they won't be able to just blitz him non stop until he throws 3 picks. If the Vikings couldn't last week, and the Ravens cant this week (I don't think they will), then I don't think that anyone can. I see the Titans succeeding with Collins, and hopefully succeeding with Vince in the future after he gets his sh*t together
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