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Discussion in 'Video Games' started by TitanKid4Life, Jan 8, 2007.

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  1. ok i kno that u guys are really good with computers and im not gettin an answer anywhere else

    so my problem is that im getting a ton of lag when i play on live, and it is the cause of over half of my deaths. The cable is plugged directly into the wall and has 100mbps speed and the download speed is 4847kbps and upload is 339kbps

    does anyone know what could be the source of my problems because i played ps2 online and it worked fine with absolutely no lag, and i dont understand y this would be any different, thanks for any help given
  2. does anyone kno what could possibly be wrong?
  3. titanduck77

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    i wish i could help you out, whats your gamer tag?
  4. NYTitansFan

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    make sure no one on your network is downloading anything. what i do is disable wireless internet through my router config so that no one else can use bandwith unless there hardwired. if they are hardwired use mac filtering so that you can enable or disable a connection of choice. if that does not work then get a faster connection speed.

    good luck

    any1 for a game of madden07/nhl07? MY GT: TheSabresRock
  5. my gamertag is DustyTie17

    well the wireless that we broadcast has a password so no one is connected to it, and i play even when no one in my house is on a computer
  6. we got a new router two nights ago and its a n router so it runs over 54 mbps when its broadcasting and ive noticed a difference but its really weird because when i play online there are only certain levels that it has that connection error screen pop up, and when it does i can still hear and talk to my teammates and everyone gets the message, so it seems like its not me because if my connection was that bad i shouldnt be able to talk to them or anything
  7. Toly

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