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    Having no blocker to follow has been the biggest part of the problem. Keep in mind, I'm talking about the scheme here. Our line is still good. Most of CJ's paltry production this past Sunday came from two power running plays.
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    yeah so I'm a hater.

    Don't hate.
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  3. smili

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    It's not like we're using CJ that much anyway. Through 3 games he has 33 carries.

    2012: 11 carries per game so far through 3 games
    2011: 16 carries per game
    2010: 19.75 carries per game
    2009: 22.3 carries per game (this was his 2000+yd year)

    Sticking w/ CJ doesn't mean what it used to.
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  4. Psychop1

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    Not hating, just trying to offer a different perspective.

    I know CJ doesn't get a lot of love anymore, but I can see it. There's no question that he sucked last season. None at all. He could actually be having a career year this season in a power blocking scheme. He's in the best shape I've seen him in and looks to have his speed back. He is, however, being asked to run in a scheme that he nor the line know what to do in. I'm not saying we should change things either. Palmer's scheme can be effective, but if you don't run with only CJ in the backfield, then play action doesn't work. Of course, it doesn't matter who is in the backfield. You just have to run to set up play action.

    I would like to see them get creative with Stevens and Cook on run blocking schemes. Maybe even Thompson after that crackback block. Talk about paving a road. A shame nonetheless, because Quinn can maul a linebacker. He can be very effective.

    Unfortunately, we only stand to lose in this situation. We're likely to trade CJ for next to nothing or cut him as soon as it makes sense to do so with his contract. Then, we get Mossed when he goes to a power blocking team.
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  5. Msut10

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    I think we should try to spell him rather than get rid of him. We just need that power running change of pace imo.
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    I would make the little guy a gameday inactive comming out of the bye.

    Give the other backs a chance during the 2 week period. At that point the coaches would have a way too make a fair assessment going forward.

    I hope :cj: hasent already spent that $9m roster bonus for 2013 that is in his third contract
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  7. SawdustMan

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    "Improvement" doesn't mean "problem solved". Doesn't take much to be better than 1.4ypc.
  8. SawdustMan

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    1.4ypc is pretty real bad, whether it's 5 carries or 50 carries.

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    You cannot have a power run game out of the shotgun that is a fact! I am fine with benching CJ and trying someone else. But I would like to see some option and some sweeps for CJ and not all between the tackle draws. Speaking of Tommie Campbell as bad as our secondary is why is he not on the field. I heard gray said in the off season that campbell may be our best corner. What happened? Let him play safety lord knows no one else is and he cannot be any worse than what is out there. Line them up 20 yards back and they still get burned.
  10. TitanT

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    Coach Munch's comments are so exciting I need to sit down before I hear one.
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