wow has anybody seen Baltimore Ravens list of free agents ?

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by imbread, Jan 24, 2014.

  1. J Falk

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    Between him and Sammie hill we have a starting nose tackle. We all know cody is a beast. He just needs a chance to play. And he needs to stay healthy. He would be cheap. Low risk/high reward type deal.
  2. Scarecrow

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    I can appreciate giving the guy a cheap chance to play, because he might benefit from a change of scenery, but this guy isn't a beast at all. He has zero effect in the pass rush and was getting pushed around on run defense, which is what he was supposed to be known for. Relying on Cody to somehow bang out a starting NT position would be a grave mistake.
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  3. Psychop1

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    From our list, I would keep:

    Jackie Battle
    Leon Washington
    Damian Williams
    Chris Spencer
    Antonio Johnson
    Ropati Pitoitua
    Bernard Pollard

    Would keep Verner, but he's going to get a top contract and I don't think we go there with him. He has been solid but also inconsistent since he was a rookie. Most of his great season happened in the first half of the season. He fell off pretty bad in the second half. You want to keep him around, but not for a top contract.

    From the Ravens:

    James Ihedigbo
    Arthur Jones
    Eugene Monroe
    Daryl Smith
    Jacoby Jones

    From the Ravens, I like Ihedigbo over Pollard, slightly. Arthur Jones and Pitoitua would round out our DE's. Monroe would be a huge acquisition and solid replacement for Stewart. He had a great season at left tackle and could eventually replace Roos. Smith is a solid linebacker. He used to play OLB at Jacksonville but circumstances kept forcing him into MLB. He's older now, but God knows we could do with the depth. Jacoby Jones is a decent WR, but a solid kick returner, and we may not get lucky next season and find another Leon Washington on the market.
  4. The Playmaker

    The Playmaker pineapple pizza party

    Only guys on our list I really care about keeping is Verner and Pollard. Then Washington and Pitoitua are two guys I would like to bring back as well but won't be a big deal if we can't. Everyone else can be replaced rather easily.

    For the Ravens, Cody wouldn't be bad because he's a 3-4 NT and at worst can be a bench player with experience in the formation. Honestly, I have concerns if Hill can get the job done in the 3-4, I know he's big and has the size but he's very weak against the run. If he can just fill up the gap that's fine but we can easily upgrade the NT position over him. Oher or Monroe would be a nice get, Daryl Smith would bring some nice experience and depth, Pitta for the hell of it, and Corey Graham in case Verner walks.
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  5. Titanup1982

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    I think it's more just his presence more than his performance. Honestly, I don't even see any push from him like I saw at Alabama.

    You need to have some type of push as a NT, not just be a statue like he's been though.
  6. memphis_raven

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    You can have him. He's been a huge disappointment and is always good for a couple of false starts. Solid rookie year and then I don't know what happened... he won't be missed
  7. Scarecrow

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    Yea I was never really sure why everyone wants to go after Ravens free agents AFTER they dumped the key players to their Super Bowl win.
  8. titans92790

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    Leon Washington did way better compared to the way Reynaud started our season...
  9. ropy0386

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    You should include a list ;)

    The Ravens UFAs (14) are:
    Tight end Dallas Clark
    Nose tackle Terrence Cody
    Tight end Ed Dickson
    Cornerback Corey Graham
    Safety James Ihedigbo
    Defensive tackle Arthur Jones
    Wide receiver Jacoby Jones
    Safety Jeromy Miles
    Left tackle Eugene Monroe
    Right tackle Michael Oher
    Tight end Dennis Pitta
    Running back Bernard Scott
    Middle linebacker Daryl Smith
    Wide receiver Brandon Stokley (plans to retire)[/quote]

    I'd like pitta, jacoby joens, michael oher, and daryl smith
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  10. cdubbs2121

    cdubbs2121 Pro Bowler


    So...Mainly a bunch of scrubs?
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