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  1. HE#@ NO I will not sit by and watch this lie perpetrated. I will continue to be the defensive person I am and you know what? I know Andre is NOT a bust, that is why I defend him.... HOW DARE YOU TIDE!!! HOW DARE YOU!!!! A bust wilts and goes away. A bust gives up. A bust doesn't come back and make plays. A bust would be Brian Bosworth. A bust would be Todd Marinavich. A bust would be Ryan Leaf. Fisher said Andre has had plays and has constantly improved when healthy.....I simply posted what his coach said..... Want to dispute it email Jeff Fisher ..... BUDDY!!!!! That reporter tried to get some negativity out of him and guess what..... it failed... Jeff verified everything I had been saying PERIOD.

    SET IT STRAIGHT - BE THE HATER YOU ARE You and your cohorts are his enemies and it is becoming more and more apparent and for you to want to see any Titan fail shows your lack of support for the entire team. Even if you thought someone was not performing exactly as you like, you would pull for them... When he had good games, I came on this board looking for you and Brian and Soxcat and others that criticized him..... Asking for you to weigh in on his successes and you wouldn't but as soon as he made a mistake and don't get it wrong all corners do and alll corners will be beat sooner or later. Look at the best Champ Bailey.... He has great moments, then he gets beat ridiculously on others, so be real.... Bottom line if you're anti-Andre, you stand there and be yourself, don't even try to spin the negative crap you say back towards me....Anyone that doesn't agree with me or my hostility -- too bad, and at this point, IT'S HOSTILITY!!!!!:grrr:
  2. Duuhhhhhh.......
    I have been saying all off season exactly what you said at the end. If he shows in camp (as he has been showing already in minicamp), that he is in the hunt.... May the Best Man Win etc..... I have said it numerous times, numerous numerous times. Thank you ---- Finally. Andre said himself, he has to go out and do it..... Bottom line, all of the negativity is therefore not constructive. People should hope for everyone do well and may the best man win, because ultimately, everyone doing well means the Titans are doing well....WHEW
  3. HATERS OF THE WORLD.......UNITE!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Soxcat

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    Duuhhhhh.... the negativity is more a rebuttal to your fanaticism. So Andre said himself he has to go out and do it? WOW!! A revelation, Andre has to actually go out and perform and stay healthy. Man I'm glad I get it now.
    What is this baloney about showing something in mini camp?
    Andre is not a rookie anymore trying to prove he is NFL material, he is a veteran (this is his 4th year) and his opportunity may have already passed him by as far as the Titans are concerned. Andre should be coasting in the OTAs at this stage of his career not having to prove himself like an UDFA. You think Bulluck is sweating if he is impressing in the OTAs?
    Andre is to the point now where he almost has to pray for one of the starting CBs to rip a knee up of something or his short future with the Titans will be as a special team player. We are tired of hearing all this non-sense about how hard he works or how much he really wants to succeed. As far as I'm concerned every player who has his opportunity should already have that attitude. All we ask is to see some continual success. Not just one play we have to read about for the next 12 months. Some consistent, injury free success which can translate into wins for the Titans.
  5. Baloney about minicamp.... The same reporter that said the thing that you eluded to said there were only two notable plays made during OTAs last week an interception by Thompson and a diving pick of Vince Young By Andre....... oh, I'm sure you tuned it out because it was something good ..... About Andre...... Here use this as a new avatar - Blind Haters:

  6. He did not just make one play and as a matter of fact, Andre, Bulluck and KVB were the only Titans making plays in the last game of the year vs the Jags, so noted that the announcers during the game mentioned it and even though the Titans were slaughtered as the game went off, the camera stayed on Andre and some Jags parting ways.... Go on, Sox, go back to the play by play and stats on that game and come back and say something then. The game prior Miami, no passes were attempted to a slot receiver in the entire second half because they were well covered and guess what the announcer said it in that game and as a matter of fact he mentioned how the outside corners were being torched because the inside was well covered, yes by Andre (I watched it all). Then the last game before his injury was stellar, vs Arizona, I have rehashed those stats plenty of times. It is not just stats either, I saw with my own eyes.... You must have had on Ray Rays glasses or something. Like I said, you notice what you want to notice and failure to notice good when it happens just adds to it. To whomever else wants to jump to his aide, do it,....... I don't care, there are plenty of Sunglass stands for blind eyes and Spray cans to make your own Hate monikers.....

    Help Soxcat out..... UNITE HATERS, I SAY...... UNITE, UNITE!!!!!!!!!!
  7. One more thing.... Are you trying to say the Titans losing was his fault or was it the teams fault. He could have played better than Champ Bailey last year and the Titans record would have been the same.... Period. How hard people are working and attitude go a long way.... since when is that baloney... If Andre had a poorish attitude and didn't display 100% heart and hard work that he does, he'd be gone.....The reason Fisher weighed in well for him is that very reason..... Buddy. Do you know anything about what it takes to keep yourself in the game really. I mean are you an ex-player yourself, knowing the intracacies of the locker room and coach to player relation. If Fisher was done with Andre, he would have eluded that way. If Andre had nothing to offer he would have eluded that way. No names were mentioned to Fisher in his latest question about the nickel, yet he weighed in well about Andre....DISPUTE THIS logically... You can't, can you.... exactly, just back off. That is the latest fact of what the COACH..... THE COACH JEFF FISHER, thinks of Andre....

  8. Brian

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    'blind squirrel theory'
  9. Slipjack

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    WU, I'm changing the subject, but why did Andre chose Oklahoma. I was born and raised in Virginia and I find it strange he would end up in Oklahoma.
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