With the first pick in the 2016 NFL draft the Titans select..

Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by Big TT, Dec 1, 2015.

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    yeah, they're just in Columbus for his Pro Day for the hell of it...

    We're bringing in S and CB as well as Heyward, Prince are still on the market -- the Ramsey pick isn't so safe anymore.... And we're hitting the OL - only a matter of time before we offer a RT - wait until the plane lands before you lay out the red carpet.
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    I sure hope so. I have faith in Jrob...I still think we are going Tunsil or Ramsey no questions asked.
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    Maybe we can draft Nick in 3 years since he is wearing Titans gear as a kid...
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    Ramsey or Tunsil, the biggest debate i'm having right now. I love Jalen Ramsey and think he could be the best DB we've seen in a few years. The chance to be an elite #1 CB or FS. With that said, can you really pass up the chance to lockdown your blindspot protector for your young (hopefully) franchise QBs career? As much as it hurts for me to say it, chances are the pick is Tunsil IMO. I can get behind the idea, hopefully Tunsil develops into an elite LT, Lewan locks down RT at a pro-bowl level, then we have newly signed Ben Jones at C, Bell/Poutasi at LG, & Warmack at RG. Hopefully with better RT play Warmkack improves because last year was awful.

    If we do go Tunsil, the only thing I'm worried about is he's been routinely banged up over his career - missed 2013 bowl game due to left knee sprain (December 2013); missed two games due to a partially torn right bicep (October 2014); suffered fractured right fibula and dislocated ankle in the bowl game that season, which required surgery and sidelined him for 2015 spring drills. If he avoids major injuries, I think he can be a Trent Williams-Tyron Smith caliber LT.

    Also, if we do go Tunsil - the majority (if not all) of our remaining picks should be defense.
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    Yeah...I agree with you bro. It certainly looks like they are rolling with Tunsil....The question is....Do they think they can get a starting caliber Safety at #33. If they do, there is no question they go Tunsil. That's really what it comes down to, because LT starters won't be there as easily at #33. That said, the signing of Bell is interesting. Depth? I assume....but maybe they plan on taking the spark plug Ramsey at #1, RT at #33, and Safety in the 3rd...or a RT in the 3rd to compete with Bell....Only time will tell...
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    Jack Conklin at 15