With the 20th pick, Titans select......

Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by cutter10, Feb 15, 2012.

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  1. Two Kings

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    Coach Mike Munchak suggested the Titans will not use their first-round pick on an offensive lineman this year.
    They're purely looking for interior prospects after LG Leroy Harris, free agent RG Jake Scott, and C Eugene Amano comprised the least effective trio in the NFL last season. Scott won't be back in 2012, and the Titans may look to upgrade at the other two spots. Wisconsin C Peter Konz, Stanford OG David DeCastro, and Georgia G/T Cordy Glenn are the top interior prospects.
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    Source: Nashville Tennessean

    JCBRAVE 2017 Pick'em Champion Tip Jar Donor

    Yea I never thought they would draft inside O-Line at 20. But then again, last year Munchak claimed we wanted Dalton. And we know that was a curve ball to keep teams wondering what we'd do.
  3. Scarecrow

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    Munch made a valid point, but like JCBrave said, we have no idea what his intentions are. I believe him, but at the same time you can't just assume they have projected 1st round guards and centers off their board. We will just have to wait and see.
  4. cutter10

    cutter10 Rookie

    I was surprised to here coach Munchak say Titans want go OL in the first rd. but then again you have to look the other team away sometimes,it could be a trade for the 20 pick who knows, but there are some good O-linemen out there that could be an instant upgrade for the Titans.
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