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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by TitanJeff, Apr 28, 2022.

  1. GoT

    GoT Strength and Honor

    downing has shown exactly zero ability to call a pass game with a top 15 WR

    even when the clown lucked into some calls that worked he would either go away from it or change personell
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  2. HurrayTitans!

    HurrayTitans! Useless trivia knowledge champion

    Exhibit A
    Nate Washington
    Kenny Britt
    Bo scaife
    Justin gage
    Alge crumpler

    Exhibit B
    Percy harvin
    Michael Jenkins
    Kyle Rudolph
    Jarius Wright

    Exhibit C
    Travis Taylor
    Todd heap
    Marcus Robinson
    Frank Sanders

    Exhibit D
    Henry Ellard
    Ron brown
    Drew hill
    David hill

    Exhibit E
    Bob chandler
    JD Hill
    Paul Seymour

    Exhibit F
    AJ Brown
    Corey Davis
    Johnnu Smith
    Anthony Firkser

    I’ll let you guess what all these teams have in common aside from their WR corps not being that great.
  3. aztitans

    aztitans Starter

    2000-yard rushers on teams, A. Chris Johnson 2009 Titans, B. Adrian Peterson 2012 Vikings, C. Jamal Lewis 2003 Ravens. D. Eric Dickerson 1984 Rams, E. OJ Simpson 1973. Bills. F. Derrick Henry 2020. You missed 1998 Terrell Davis Broncos , who won the Super Bowl that year
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  4. HurrayTitans!

    HurrayTitans! Useless trivia knowledge champion

    Not missed. Good WR corps so not a good example. Rod smith and Mccaffery were both 1k WR and very capable plus Shannon sharpe.

    also left Barry sanders 97’ off the list because he also had a good WR corps with Herman Moore and Johnnie Morton, both 1K WR and Moore was arguably a top 3 WR for a couple year stretch.

    the overall point is you absolutely can have crap WR and still have THE top running game.
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  5. TitanMark

    TitanMark Pro Bowler

    So you cherry picked 6 seasons when RBs had historic individual efforts to make your argument. 2020 Titans WR corp was very very good. So you are being disingenuous if you say they were bad. With the exception of 2020 ( very good WRs) and 2009 the NFL is a much different game than 20 years ago.

    But nice try.
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  6. HurrayTitans!

    HurrayTitans! Useless trivia knowledge champion

    No, you’re just not right.

    I guess I’ll have to find plenty more examples to continue burying your argument, and I will, because it’s wrong.

    You don’t need good WR to have a good running game. Obviously some of the greatest rushing seasons of all time prove that, but you need more and that’s ok. I’ll do it because I’m a man of the people and I know people enjoy reading the statistical proof that proves another wrong.

    By the way, I love the subjective addition to your argument not previously identified in the “its a different game than 20 years ago”. I can give plenty of reasons I agree with you on 20 years but quickly disagree at 15 years ago and even so, doesn’t change my point about WR and running game.
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  7. HurrayTitans!

    HurrayTitans! Useless trivia knowledge champion

    Here's a good breakdown. Last 5 years, top 10 RB and that team's top 4-5 WR (in order from top to bottom).
    I'm marking my choices that I concede, they had a good WR corps with a $ sign, and the teams that I think had at least a debatably good WR corps with a *. Maybe others will chime in and agree with your idea.

    2021 (3-4 out of 10)
    1. Jonthan Taylor - Michal Pittman Jr/ Zach Pascal/ TY Hilton/ Mo Allie-cox
    2. *Najee Harris - Diontae Johnson/ Claypool/ Friermouth/ James Washington
    3. $Joe Mixon - concede
    4. Antonio Gibson - McCalurin/ McKissic (RB)/ Adam Humphries/ Deandre Carter
    5. $Dalvin Cook - concede
    6. A. Kamara - Marcus Callaway/ Deonte Harris/ Trequan Smith/ Adam Troutman
    7. $Elliott - Concede
    8. Nick Chubb - Peoples-Jones/ Landry/ Njoku/ Hooper
    9. Montgomery - Mooney/ Kmet/ A Robinson/ Byrd
    10. Henry - AJ Brown/ NWI/ Julio Jones/ Firkser

    2020 (1-4 out of 10)
    1. *Henry - note previous post, I'll even give a * with Davis/Brown, though I disagree.
    2. $Dalvin Cook - concede
    3. Jonathon Taylor - TY Hilton/ Pascal/ Pittman/ Nyheim Hynes (RB)
    4. Aaron Jones - Adams/ Valdes-scantling/ Tonyan/ Lazard
    5. *Montgomery - Robinson/ Mooney/ Anthony Miller/ Graham
    6. Robinson - Chark/ K Cole/ Shenault/ Chris Conley
    7. Chubb - Landry/ Rashard Higgins/ Hooper/ Beckham (7 games)
    8. *Jacobs - Waller/ Algholor/ Renfrow/ Ruggs
    9. Lamar Jackson - Marquise Brown/ Andrews/ Snead/ Boykin
    10. Gordon - Jeudy/ Tim Patrick/ Fant/ KJ Hamler

    2019 (2-4 out of 10)
    1. Henry - Brown/ Davis/ J. Smith/ Humphries
    2. *Chubb - Beckham/ Landry/ K Hunt/ Seals-Jones
    3. CMC - DJ Moore/ Curtis Samual/ Greg Olsen/ Jarius Wright
    4. $Elliott - concede
    5. *Chris Carson - Lockett/ Metcalf/ Jacob Hollister/ David Moore
    6. Lamar - Andrews/ M Brown/ Hayden Hurst/ Snead
    7. Fournette - Chark/ Chris Conley/ Dede Westbrook/ K Cole
    8. Jacobs - Waller/ Tyrell Williams/ Renfrow/ Jalen Richard (RB)
    9. Mixon - Boyd/ Auden Tate/ Alex Erickson/ John Ross
    10. $Cook - concede

    2018 (1-2 out of 10)
    1. *Elliott - Cooper/ Beasley/ Gallup/ Jarwin
    2. Barkley - Beckham/ Shepard/ Evan Engram/ Rhett Ellison
    3. $Gurley - Woods/ Cooks/ Kupp/ Reynolds
    4. Mixon - Boyd/ AJ Green (9 games)/ Uzomah/ Bernard (RB)/ Ross
    5. Carson - Lockett/ Doug Baldwin/ David Moore/ Nick Vannett
    6. CMC - DJ Moore/ Funchess/ Samuel/ J Wright
    7. Henry - Davis/ Taywan Taylor/ T Sharpe/ Dion Lewis (RB)
    8. Peterson - J Reed/ Doctson/ Crowder/ V Davis
    9. P Lindsay - E Sanders/ Sutton/ D. Thomas(8 games)/ Patrick/ Jeff Huerman
    10. Chubb - Landry/ Njoku/ Antonio Callaway/ Rashard Higgins

    2017 (2-5 out of 10)
    1. $K Hunt - Hill/ Kelce/ Albert Wilson/ Demetrious Harris
    2. *Gurley - Kupp/ Woods(11 games)/ Watkins/ Higbee
    3. $L. Bell - Antonio Brown/ Schuster/ Bryant/ Jesse James
    4. Mccoy - Charles Clay/ Deonte Thompson/ Nick O'Leary/ Zay Jones
    5. *Ingram - M Thomas/ Ginn/ Kamara(RB)/ Brandon Coleman
    6. J Howard - K Wright/ Josh Bellamy/ Tarik Cohen/ Dontrelle Inman
    7. *Gordon - K Allen/ Travis Benjamin/ Hunter Henry/ Tyrell Williams
    8. Fournette - K Cole/ Marquis Lee/ A Hurns(10 games)/ Dede Westbrook
    9. CJ Anderson - D Thomas/ E Sanders/ Bennie Fowler/ Cody Latimer
    10. Elliott - Dez Bryant/ Terrance Williams/ Witten/ Bruce Butler/ Beasley

    I'm sure my markings are pretty on par with most fans, you may disagree, but that puts your estimation any kind of necessity of a good WR corps at around 30-40% pending the subjectiveness. Either that or I need a serious explanation of what you see as a good WR corps.
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  8. Shane Grimes

    Shane Grimes Special Teams Standout


    I'm not sure your argument sways the opinion as you'd expect.

    Surely the league being more pass heavy and therefore defences smaller and lighter works in the favour of the team who is going to bulldoze the ball 50 times a game?
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  9. Mberglo

    Mberglo Starter

    Maybe having a strong run game prevents the WR corp from achieving the type of success you're looking for here. It's difficult to have a 2000yd RB and a couple of 1000yd WRs. There just aren't enough yards to go around.
  10. HurrayTitans!

    HurrayTitans! Useless trivia knowledge champion

    Not really the argument but I agree with you.

    the argument was that you need high quality WR to have a successful run game which just isn’t true. Not only do you not need more than 1, there are plenty of cases proving you don’t need even 1.
    Production from those WR is kind of irrelevant provided they are pulling attention off the RB, at least the way the argument was proposed.
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