With Many New Additions To The Roster Will It Be Enough To Create A Winner?

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    The FO (i.e. Ruston Webster) has done everything in their power to make this a good team, and on paper we should be a very good team. But that is just on paper. In order for this team to be good, a few more things need to happen.
    The 1st thing I would look at is the coaching. And I'm not talking about Munch so much as I am the coordinators. We need to put our players in a position in a position to be successful. That's not something we did a whole lot of last year. Our schemes on both O and D were pretty bad last year, as well as some of the play calling. Defensively we need to be more aggressive IMO. Fortunately with Greg Williams coming in, I think we will see a much more aggressive scheme. I think we also have some players now that are liabilities (rojo, Babs) so maybe we can take some extra chances now.
    Offensively we need to realize that Jake is still a pretty inexperienced QB, so we need to set him up to be successful. IMO that means simpler offenses, easier throws, and don't rely to heavily on him (at least not at 1st). I think giving Palmer the boot was the 1st step to fixing this problem last year, and now that Loggains has time to implement his system, I think we will see exactly that, a run heavy offense with a passing game that Jake can be more comfortable with. I think Jake can be very successful for us still. Pretty much everything that could work against him last year was. Not good odds for a young QB.
    We also need to get back to running the ball the way CJ has had the most success doing it. None of that zone blocking crap, just give CJ the ball and tell him what hole to hit. That should stop the hesitation, and with the improved OL the holes should be there.
    The 2nd thing that needs to happen is for the team to gel. You can have an all-star roster, but be a bad team (see the cowboys for most of the past decade). And when you have a lot of new pieces to your team, this can be especially difficult. It will take real leadership from both the coaches and players to all get on the same page in a pretty short amount of time. That means players will have to be motivated. I think the fact that we should have a lot of good competition in camp will be some good motivation. I also think that some of the older guys like Pollard will provide some of that leadership and motivation we need in order to get to that point.
    Thirdly, we need to be disciplined on the field. WAY to many dumb penalties last year that either put some games out of reach for us, or seam to start a snow ball affect that we just couldn't stop. We made it extra hard on ourselves last year with a holding call on 2nd and 5 or a personal foul or something. Hopefully the Vets we brought in will help us in this regard.
    We have the talent to be a good team, its up to the coaches and players now. If they really want it, then I think we will be good (and so far it seems like we have some motivated players)
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