With Addai hurt, Dungy sorting running backs

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by NewsGrabber, Dec 12, 2008.

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    Posted by ESPN.com's Paul Kuharsky Tony Dungy talked through his plans at running back for Sunday against Deroit, with all indications that Joseph Addai will not play because of a shoulder injury.

    "My sense is we'll probably hold him out if there's any question at all," Dungy told Indianapolis reporters Friday morning, before his team practiced. "He wants to play. Right now, it's questionable. We'll see how it is. We're going to rest him (Friday) and let some of the other backs take the work and we'll see what happens."

    Dominic Rhodes moves up to take the primary carries, but things behind him are in question.

    Rookie Chad Simpson missed Wednesday and Thursday practices with an ankle injury.

    "We got a new twist on the Chad Simpson situation," Dungy said. "Chad is going to try to go (Friday) and thinks he may be able to play. That's another reason if we have any question with Joe we may be able to hold him down. We're going to look at Najeh (Davenport) and Chad (Friday) and see how they do."

    So if Addai is out, Simpson is in line to be the second running back if he can go. If he can't, it will be Davenport, and if it's Davenport, the Colts will have to adjust and slow down since he just joined the team this week.

    "When he's in there we'll probably have to huddle a little bit and make sure we get him as much information as we can, so that may change us a little bit if he is playing," Dungy said.

    Davenport will return kicks even if Simpson is active.

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    Titans better keep an armed guard near the locker room if the pick up Davenport. Don't want him sneaking in and dropping a deuce on our jerseys. :suspect:
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