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    Kamerion Wimbley looks like he’s getting much more comfortable at defensive end these days.

    In his six previous NFL seasons before signing with the Titans, Wimbley had played more as a 3-4 outside linebacker, so there was some transition necessary when he made the move to 4-3 defensive end.

    Wimbley, who’d been signed to bolster the Titans’ pass rush, managed only one sack through the season’s first six weeks. But he’s collected 3.5 sacks in the last five games – including 1.5 last week against Jacksonville – to take over the team lead in that department with five.

    Titans defensive coordinator Jerry Gray said Wimbley’s play against the run has also improved as he’s adjusted to being a full-time defensive end.

    “Anytime you change and you go from linebacker to defensive end, it’s a little different,” Gray said. “The run game was a concern early, but it’s not really a concern (now) because he’s strong at the point of attack. He knows how to fight those guys off.”

    Gray said he thinks Wimbley can still take his pass-rushing to another level.

    “When he gets over not really worrying about (whether other teams are running at him), I think the next step he can take is off the play action,” Gray said. “You know what? Go pass rush. Go sack the quarterback.

    “Those are the things where he’s going to grow and his instincts will kick in. Those guys who’ve played defensive end for four years, they already got them instincts, and he’s learning them again.”

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