Will the titans take the best player on the board or draft need?

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    Lets just say that the pass rushers the team covets are gone. The top 3 corners are gone and the defensive lineman are gone. At 20, if Micheal Floyd is there would we take him? If Decastro the guard from stanford slips will we take him? We could sure stand another wr and an upgrade in the offensive line in the middle. Will we take the best player or draft by need?
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    I think they take the best player available by the need they want. I'm going with my gut and say they take a big DT.
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    I think they go BPA but from a list of positions. For example, defensive line is a high priority but I think the Titans would grab Barron if he was there at #20 if he was the BPA on their rankings.

    I've always wondered if position of need played into their final rankings. I assume it does but can't speculate how much.

    I'm a firm believer that you take a difference maker with your first-round pick. This should be a guy you feel is a major cog in the machine for the next 6-8 years. Needs can be filled from rounds 3 onward.
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    FWIW Ruston Webster was on 104.5 a week or so ago and said there were "4 or 5 positions we're looking at" with the 1st round pick. So, assuming he's telling the truth, it sounds like they will indeed go BPA from a short list of positions. We can pretty well assume DE, DT, and OG are 3 of the "4 or 5". And it's safe to say CB is on there too. I honestly don't know if Center is part of that list, all depends on how they feel about Konz (personally I don't think they don't see him as worthy of 20th overall). Perhaps Safety is being considered but I bet they know Barron will be gone and he's the only one worth taking in the first. And I'm still sticking to my guns that if Michael Floyd falls they'd give him very strong consideration.

    I agree with this completely. You don't use your first round pick based on "need". If the guy you have ranked BPA happens to fill your biggest need, then that's awesome. But the way I see it is, just about EVERY position is going to be a big need at some point in the next few years. So take the guy you see as the best overall player, regardless of position (of course with a few exceptions, like we obviously wouldn't take another 1st round QB since we just drafted Locker).

    Just because something isn't a huge need this year doesn't mean it won't be a huge need next year. I'd much rather take a playmaker at a position we're set at than a "just good" player that fills a big need. Of course it's all a crap shoot anyway...