Will history repeat itself? (McNair vs Locker)

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  1. Deuce Wayne

    Deuce Wayne Damnit, I cant find my driving moccasins anywhere!

    Steve McNair's passer rating ranks over his career:

    Yards Passing-

    2007 - 38th (behind Josh McCown / in front of Gus Ferote)
    2006 - 14th (behind JP Losman / in front of Tony Romo)
    2005 - 13th (behind Jake Plummer / in front of Mark Brunnell)
    2004 - 32nd (behind Patrick Ramsey / in front of Ken Dorsey)
    2003 - 15th (behind Donovan McNabb / in front of Kerry Collins)
    2002 - 10th (behind Aaron Brooks / in front of Jeff Garcia)
    2001 - 12th (behind Brad Johnson / in front of Mark Brunell)
    2000 - 15th (behind Jake Plummer / in front of Sean King)
    1999 - 22nd (behind Kerry Collins / In front of Tony Banks)
    1998 - 10th (behind Vinny Testaverde / in front of Chris Chandler)
    1997 - 35th (behind Elvis Grbac / in front of Neil O'Donnell)

    Passer Rating-

    2007 - 43rd (behind Kyle Boller / in front of Eli Manning)
    2006 - 26th (behind Jake Delhomme / in front of David Carr)
    2005 - 28th (behind Jamie Martin / in front of Charlie Batch)
    2004 - 44th (behind Chad Hutchinson / in front of Jamie Martin)
    2003 - 6th (Technically first among starting QBs / in front of Peyton Manning)
    2002 - 27th (behind Tommie Maddox / in front of Kordell Stewart)
    2001 - 21st (behind Trent Dilfer / in front of Tom Brady)
    2000 - 21st (behind Mark Brunnell / in front of Kerry Collins)
    1999 - 32nd (behind Vinnie Testaverde / in front of Jerry Garcia)
    1998 - 33rd (behind Drew Bledsoe / in front of Rich Gannon)
    1997 - 47th (behind Danny Kanell / in front of Todd Collins)

    Getting the picture?

    Look at every year Steve started. Look at who is in front of / behind him every season.

    Now... would you call any of those players great?

    Except for 1 year... Peyton Manning.

    I think we're done here.
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    Look you can sit here and look up all the stats you want to and talk about tony romo for whatever reason but It really doesn't mean ****. At the end if the day stats aren't everything, if they were Dan Marino would be considered the best. Some things you can't measure on a stat sheet and some of you get so wrapped up into trying not be be called a "homer" it's rediculous. McNair was a great player who made great plays without great talented rosters sometimes. Like it or not he had a great career here in TN, won an MVP something that takes a great player to do. He took a team on his shoulders and went to the SB and damn near beat a team with one of the best offenses in history. And I'm not the only one who beleives this, yes there are pro scouts including some with the Titans and ppl in the front office who were with Seattle during the McNair era who do agree with me that Mac9 was a great player in the NFL, nothing you say changes that
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    For the record i don't think passing yardage rank means anything. It's passing efficiency as indicated by passing rating which is a good stat and winning games.

    Mcnair was a very good player for 6 years as a starter. That is not hall of fame caliber but he was a good player and a good QB and i would love Jake to give us 6 years like Steve gave us from 98-2003. And he can.
  4. Deuce Wayne

    Deuce Wayne Damnit, I cant find my driving moccasins anywhere!

    Which is why I did passing yards AND rank.

    I don't care if your QBR is 107... if you've only thrown for 700 yards. Means nothing.

    Agreed @ Him being a good player.

    Chance9 - just be honest with yourself. If you can look at the names of those players that McNair was beside every year... and still say he's "Great"... you're the best liar I've ever met. haha

    Like the guy all you want. I liked Steve a lot for a few years. But I could still be honest about him on a grand scale.
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    Maybe 15-20 games played.
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    Actually you do. He was a warrior and a winner. What was his career winning percentage?
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    And you left out the fact that he was the first black QB to win MVP!
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    Marino is considered by many to be one of the best QBs of all time even without a ring. When we talk about arm talent (passing skill) I think he is the best. Only 2 guys I know as accurate as Marino are Brees and Brady and I think he had more overall talent than both. Marino was incrdible. Too bad his team was trash.
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    ... seriously?

    ......are you really serious right now?

    Oh he was a "WARRIOR!" and a "WINNER!"... well then, all statistical evidence showing he was an average PERFORMER is thrown out then.

    I mean... a warrior! Jesus Christ... let's give him the "Puts forth great effort" trophy and toss him in the Hall.

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    We should