Will history repeat itself? (McNair vs Locker)

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    To be honest, DW is right about #9 - even though he is my favorite player.

    He wasn't really a reliable passer until 2001 - when our team sucked and we decided to let him take over games with his arm.

    He had 2001, 2002, and 2003 (his best)... all other seasons were either average or bad. He was decent with the Ravens in 2006.

    Give us 2003 McNair right now and we might go undefeated with the team we have... same can be said for putting him on the 2008 team.
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    Uhh... I'm speaking of QBs that start out not so great and end up as nothing.

    Why put this stupid "3rd year with ___ Starts" garbage on it? This is the problem with you excuse makers. You'll create this elaborate nonsense that's irrelevant.

    If I did name them. You'd then say "Yeah, but show me 200 that wore the #10 and had shaved head, and the first name Jake"... it's silly.

    But here:

    JP Losman
    David Greene
    Graham Harrell
    Pat White
    Drew Henson
    Byron Leftwich
    Chad Pennington
    Brady Quinn
    Gary Beban
    Steve Spurrier
    David Klinger
    Chuck Long
    Alex Smith
    Steve Fuller
    Todd Marinovich
    Todd Blackledge
    Akili Smith
    Jim Druckenmiller
    Dan McGwire
    Pat Sullivan
    Mike Phipps
    Kelly Stouffer
    Jerry Tagge
    Lee Grosscup
    Shane Matthews
    Tim Couch
    Heath Schuler
    Colt Brennan
    Tim Tebow
    Rich Campbell
    Gino Torretta
    Rick Mirer
    Ty Detmer
    Jeff George
    Terry Baker
    Rex Grossman
    Eric Couch
    Chris Weinke
    David Carr
    Danny Weurffel
    Art Schlichter
    Cade McNown
    Joey Harrington
    Andre Ware
    Jack Thompson
    Jamarcus Russell
    Matt Leinart
    Vince Young
    Ryan Leaf

    Now, I don't know how many years it took for them to start- I really don't care because it doesn't matter.

    Truth is- they sucked after being drafted high. Just like Jake is doing. 3rd year (even worse) or not)
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    You're reaching. Never reach.

    3 Pro Bowls? Are you counting him being a 4th alternate one year? As if the Pro Bowl ever meant anything. Even so... 2 (legit) Pro Bowls doesn't really say much for an elite player during a 13 year career (10 actual playing).

    1 Co-MVP - true. His best season. As I said- McNair had 2 really good seasons. That doesn't make him elite.

    HOF nominee... yet has zero chance of getting in.

    Most the QB's you mentioned are lightyears beyond Jake when it comes to consistency and ability.
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    The JP Losman comparison is dead on. I never connected the dots before, but that's a pretty accurate comparison. Same size. Same mobility. Same arm strength. Same inconsistent accuracy.

    I will say Jake is a better decision maker, which is the one thing that keeps me hoping. Although I will also say I think he's been coached to not make mistakes instead of play quarterback.
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  6. Deuce Wayne

    Deuce Wayne Damnit, I cant find my driving moccasins anywhere!

    Those were all top of the pack picks.

    Thus the reason I said I could name 200.
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    Besides Steve Young, tell me who has became a successful Qb that won a Super Bowl by being known as a Qb that is best with his legs? Don't say Rodgers or Big Ben because those players are pocket passers that can extend plays when NEEDED.

    I don't like Qbs that their strong point is their legs. They typically don't have the brains like the pocket passers, the football IQ you need in a Qb. That is a main reason why I'm not a big Locker fan. Pocket passers win Super Bowls. Last decade or so it has been the elite Qbs that won. Its a passing league and if Locker never figures it out(As I hope he does but don't think he will) then we'll just be a playoff team because he is slowing us down.
  8. Deuce Wayne

    Deuce Wayne Damnit, I cant find my driving moccasins anywhere!

    Yeah. I liked McNair... just since the whole death thing, people acting like he was amazing is what kills me. He was already overrated by Titans fans, but it got so much worse after that.

    There's no knock on being a "good" player. He had some great moments.
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    ill tell you what I wish some of you posters were the gm when manning was a rookie he woulda been cut and on to play in a different division

    this may be a bad thread to post this but whatever
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    Deuce Wayne Damnit, I cant find my driving moccasins anywhere!

    ... Locker isn't a rookie.

    Peyton also passed the ball a LOT as a rookie.

    Jake is a 3rd year player that's being protected by play calling- and still making mistakes that shouldn't be excused.
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