Will AP get to 2,000 yards?

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by RavensShallBurn, Dec 5, 2012.

  1. Big Time Titan

    Big Time Titan Big Time Titan

    I'm not hatin on the guy, he's from Texas so I love em. But seriously, he is a beast and he plays the game the right way. He's not a diva and he is definitely HOF bound. I am certain though that he would rather play in/win a Super Bowl rather than have a 2K yard season and not even make the playoffs. As I said, still a great season for him.
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    People are just different, and they heal at different rates. Turns out AP is a freak of nature. Even the doctors who were operating on him said he was a physical freak. He came back from the ACL much earlier than most people could.

    KB is on about the recovery path that you would expect. 1 year after the injury he is playing, but not at 100%. Year 2 he should be back, if not then there may be a problem.

    Although this doesn't excues him from dropping passes. He needs to cut that *** out
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    I think you're being naive about Peterson. He wouldn't even admit CJ was faster than him in 2009 and admitted he was rooting against CJ hitting 2,000 because he didn't want people to think CJ was the best. Peterson's numbers mean A WHOLE LOT to him.
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    Predicting he will get 1999
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    I will argue against nothing you said, because I know that's true.

    But what I am saying is that there seems to be a 'CRAZY TENDENCY' that most/all our players are the type that heal at a slow 'rate.'

    Now, that could be a coincidence, sure, but being a Titan fan now for as long as I can remember (15+ years of seriously following the team, longer as a causal fan) we have really struggled to get our players back after an injury, and that points to the medical staff...

    Also, to my knowledge, I have never seen any article about us changing the staff/agency/whatever it is that takes care of Titans. Maybe b/c its not press worthy, but still haven't seen anything about it.
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    You are right, it does seem like it takes forever to get our guys back from injury sometimes but is it really any different than players on other teams? Probably not. We just follow the Titans very closely and pay attention to every nagging little injury there is. I'm sure everyone outside of Titans fans think KB is perfectly fine since he has been starting all year long. And I am sure the case is the same with us and players on other teams. We don't hear about all the other team's injuries every day, week, month so we don't know if they have nagging injuries or how long they have had them for the most part.

    At least that is the case for me. You might follow other teams just as closely as you do the Titans for all I know.
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    That's what it is. We know the Titans too well.
  9. steverife

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    ...except the whole fumble away victories thing.

    JCBRAVE 2017 Pick'em Champion Tip Jar Donor

    Yea there is that
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