Why delay the inevitabe ?

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    He may only get $5.5M this year in salary, but he counts for nearly $8M towards this years cap.
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    Pull the trigger on Locker, the way I see it is.....

    -I rather go ahead and start Locker now rather than wait later and play against an improved division. I don't really see the Jags doing much but the Colts are building around Luck and the Texans are a good football team. All 3 can only go up from here, we have to improve also.

    -Can Hasselbeck really get us to the playoffs? Great start, horrible middle, bad end. Everyone wants to talk about Britt going down but if your QB is that dependent on a WR then maybe it is time to switch.

    -In Locker's short time he has shown he can be a successful starting QB. Now if his numbers were worse or didn't see any playing time last season then I would be all for Hass, however, that's not the case.
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    time for locker! hass thanks for your one year of service stay in shape case locker gets hurt! we wouldnt wanna lose the division lead well surely have with him at the helm if he goes down
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    The Aaron Rogers and Steve Mcnair situations don't apply here. Rogers played behind a hall of fame QB who never played himself out of a job. They were not going to bench Bret Favre!

    Mcnair came from a small school and maybe needed a year of acculturation to the league.

    Locker played in a major conference, he started a lot of games against highly ranked teams. He doesn't need another year!

    The Carson Palmer situation is closer to what we have here. Palmer sat one year behind Jon Kitna and started in year 2. Locker should do the same.

    If Locker is not ready then we might have made a mistake drafting him.

    Play him!
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    Yeah I agree with this above.

    The first part of the schedule is probably the most brutal in the entire league! Let the old vet get beat up and scratch out a few wins for us. Then when the schedule softens I say play Locker for the duration of the season, instead of throwing him out to the wolves and ruining his confidence.

    Lets face it - we aint going to get in an offense battle with Tom Brady plus Detroit, Pittsburgh and Houston aint slouches on defense, there could be some bumps and bruises there.

    Unless Matt somehow comes out alive with a 4-2 record then probably let him start until he cools off, otherwise hand the keys over to Jake in the 2nd half and don't look back. Matt can hold the clipboard from there and teach him a few things.

    Jake "The Snake" debuts as starter in 2012 in WEEK-7 vs Buffalo and our franchise officially changes.
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    We won't make the playoffs this year so I vote Locker.I rather play the younger player.
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    Locker almost beat the Saints last year. They were SB contenders at the time. The Falcons were a playoff team.

    When did Locker play a bad game???
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    No Jake Plummer retread nicknames.

    I personally prefer Jake "The Hurt" Locker.
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    I like "Shake and Bake" Jake

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    I hear the problem with running QBs is, they run.

    I hope theres more sliding than shaking and baking for Jakes sake. I dont want to see him break.

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