Which tandem will have a better year?

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by cdy_hitt, Mar 23, 2006.

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  1. cdy_hitt

    cdy_hitt Senior...

    Which pair will have a better year....

    Brown and Henry
    Givens and Bennett
    Bulluck and Thorton
    Pacman and Hill
  2. Of course Bulluck and Thornton
  3. theprizdfighter

    theprizdfighter Newb to the 19.5°

    I'm thinking Brown and Henry.

    The addition of Mawae is such a plus for them. If we pick up Ashworth then draft another O-lineman it'd be really good.

    This year Henry doesn't have any suspension to serve at the beginning of the year, so he can split time with Brown from Week 1. This will allow Brown to not get as banged up. If they both can relatively stay healthy I think these two will really be an improvement this year and have a huge impact on the offense.

    ^This improved running game will help out a lot with the pass so look for Givens and Bennett to have success aswell.

    Bulluck and Thornton should be great together and with an improved LB corps it will help our Defensive backs.

    Pacman and Hill also should step up their game up a lot this year. Pacman coming to a full Pre-season camp he'll get a lot better.

    Our D is looking real nice with another LB and maybe another Safety.
  4. FLTitansfan

    FLTitansfan Guest

    tough but i agree with brown henry bcuz i think they will use the run a lot more and be in a lot more games this year. of course kb and dt will do good its easier to be seen as good on defense then on offense so this one will be up for debate for a while but i hope its a dead heat all the way across and they make a playoff push this year.
  5. For me it's between Pacman and Hill, and Bulluck and Thornton.
    I think that both of those tandem's can be unstoppable

    I think that if Bulluck and Thornton play well than Pacman and Hill will play really well, however if they struggle, it would put pressure on the secondary.
  6. theprizdfighter

    theprizdfighter Newb to the 19.5°

    It'd put more pressure on our Safeties rather than Pacman and Hill, but I don't think we'll have to worry about that.
  7. SEC 330 BIPOLAR

    SEC 330 BIPOLAR jive turkey

    great topic... let me think on that... will edit post later!!!

    welcome. I love imaginative topics.
  8. fitantitans

    fitantitans This space For Rent

    Hands down, Bulluck and Thornton. Bulluck being one of our only Pro Bowl hopefuls.
  9. Canadian Titan

    Canadian Titan VY & CJ = New SM & EG

    I'm going with choice E and saying...
    McNair and Young
  10. Broken Record

    Broken Record Biscuit Eater Staff

    We've got to do a better job running the ball this year and I don't think we'll abandon the run as much even if we are playing from behind. I'm saying the backs will have a much better year.
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