Which franchises are on the decline?

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by JCBRAVE, Feb 12, 2013.

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    It's pretty much impossible for us to be in decline right now. Only way to go is up. Same for all garbage teams.

    When you talk about teams on the decline, you have to look at teams who've experienced success for long periods of time now.
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    Good teams on the Decline:

    Texans - They started off really hot last year, but kinda fizzled down the stretch. I think they continue that trend

    Colts - I say the are on a "decline" only because the media thinks they are great right now. I don't think they were as good as their record last season indicated, and they won't have 'chuck strong' to motivate them this year. Plus, we really have no clue about Pagano as an HC, and the man acting as HC last year (Arians) is now gone. I don't think they will be on the 'decline' for long, but I do think they post a worse record this year than last

    Redskins - Similar to the Colts, its not so much that they are on a 'decline', but I don't think they enjoy the same success as last year. Who knows when RG3 will be fully recovered, and I just have a feeling he will be one of those talents that fades away due to constant/nagging injuries. I think they will be a decent team, but one that will miss the post-season.

    Steelers - I really don't see BigBen as an 'Elite' QB any more. I his OL is trash, he is always injured, and he is getting older ... not a good combination. They seem to be aging at other positions too, The slide has already started and I just don't see them being a good team for several years.

    GB - Similar to the Texans ... I think they may have riden out thier hot streak. Probably will still be good, but I think they fall from the 'elite' status.
    Bad teams on the rise:

    .Browns - I just think they have the team going in the right direction
    Jags - New owner, New Coach, New GM, New QB (presumably), New uniforms, New everything ... they won't be good this year, but its not hard to do better than last year. I do think that within the next couple of seasons they will be a decent team again. (not a perennially PO team, or a team with fans, but better) ... that is unless their new QB is Tebow. Then they will suck for a long time.
    KC - Similar to the Jags ... no where to go but up. Plus I think a lot of Andy Reid as a coach, and I think he will have them competing in a couple years.

    Giants - Just 1 year removed from the SB, I think last year was a down year for them. I think they will be back. Partly because I think they are a better team than they showed last year, and partly because I don't see anyone in the division as a big threat right now. 8-8 could get them back into the playoffs, and when Eli is in the Playoffs, there is no telling what will happen.

    Rams - I think Fisher will work them into a solid 7-9 to 10-6 team. Probably make the playoffs every 3 years or so ... that is an upgrade for the Rams.
    Cards - Get them a QB and I think they could be good again ... Also Arians proved he could have instant success as an HC

    Titans - Call me a homer, but I still have faith that we can right the ship. Munch has had 2 years, one good year, one bad year. Last year almost seemed like the perfect storm with injuries and what not though. I think in year 3 we will see which type of season is more typical of Munch. I have a feeling that we go hard in FA, and continue drafting well. The FO finally admitted what we all saw (the OL sucks) so I think that will go a long way to making the team better. I love the Williams hire, and I don't think our D can get worse, so it must get better ... 9-7 or 10-6 here we come!!!

    Stagnant teams (good)
    Pats - Until Brady/Belicheck retire, they will be good.
    Ravens - Hate to say it, but I think they ride this SB momentum. Also Flacco made me a believer this year. He will most likely get overpaid for it, but he showed he can be clutch when it matters most.
    Broncos - Ehh ... I put them here just because the are in a bad division and will most likely win it. They will probably even have a good regular season, but we all know what Peyton does in the playoffs.
    Bengals - Already made the playoffs twice in 2 years. Very young QB/WR combo, and have a good D. I think they get better (just a little) and maybe compete for the Div title ... probably not making it past the divisional round anytime soon though.
    Seattle - I think they are a solid team, and will stay that way.
    49ers - Same as Seattle. Solid team all around. Great coach
    Falcons - Won't win a SB IMO, but will be very good again.
    Stagnant teams (bad)
    Panthers - Just don't see Cam as a winner, but that doesn't mean he won't be on my fantasy team. I see another 6-10 or 7-9 type year for them
    Raiders - what can I say? When you give up that much for a washed up QB, you set yourselves back for a loooooong time.
    Bills - Big mistake paying Ryan Fitzpatrick IMO. Same for Mario Williams ... don't see much progress for them right now.
    Chargers - Rivers is just a guy that I think will only take his team so far, and he is already at the point of his career that if he was going to take that next step to the next level we should've seen it by now.
    Saints - To many setbacks, I just think it will be hard to battle back quickly. Especially now that the Falcons have a strong hold on that division.
    Bucs - Same as the panthers. Not much faith in their QB, or anyone else on that team.
    Jets - The Rex Ryan circus continues ...
    Dolphins - Can't think of a reason why they should get better. The Titans of all teams demolished them last year, soooo ....
    Philly - Sounds like they are brining back Vick, plus a college coach who's system has yet to be proven in the NFL ... I will stick them here until I see otherwise.
    Cowboys - 2 words ... TONY ROMO

    And I think that is the entire NFL ... I really don't have anything at work to do lol
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