Where was this a few years ago

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by rodgev, Apr 27, 2013.

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    i said arguably. I'll give you the rams were better in 99 but i'll go to my grave saying the Titans were by far the best team in 08. Kerry Collins was pretty good that year because the offensive line was so damn good and gave him forever to throw. the front four could get pressure only rushing 4 and CJ was a beast of course. I also think the Titans were better than the Patriots in 03-04 and on a neutral field would have beaten them but had to play them in foxborough in one of the coldest games ever
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    Yep. People don't understand how hard it is to win in this league consistently. Jeff did that better than most, most of the time with a averagish overall team. Jack Del Rio and John Fox were much the same way.

    He was forced to draft a QB he didn't want and when sh*t hit the fan, he is the one that took the blame b/c he couldn't develop that QB. When it all likelihood, no one could have developed Young.

    We enjoyed good defenses and strong running games under Fish. Since he's left, both have gone down hill in a big way. Not to that Munch isn't a good coach, but he made a mistake firing Fisher.
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    You act like he was the only one making these decisions.

    And these are horrible examples. The only "bust" out of this group was Chris Henry. Pacman was a bad pick for off the field reasons, but was a terrific player when he acually played for us.

    Morgan is a good player. Griffin has been both good and bad. But he is no bust by any stretch. Has been a productive overall player, even if he hasn't been lately.

    Lendale rushed for nearly 1900 yards & 20+ TDS between 07 & 08. So again, solid production there.
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    You couldn't be any more wrong. You are letting the last few yrs of his tenure cloud your judgement. Had he not been forced to draft a QB he didn't want, it's likely Fish is still here, and this team has a lot more wins over the last few yrs.
  5. JiminyBillyBob

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    Who cares! It is Fisher.....he is putting another 8-8 team on the field. Austin is going to be the only playmaker on that team.
  6. Deuce Wayne

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    Last few years???

    His coaching style didn't change for the past 13 years... so what on Earth are you acting like happened the last few years that changed my mind?

    Here's what I remember... going back further than a "few years":

    1. Used the "new team" momentum to "get us" to a Super Bowl.

    But wait... how'd we get to that Super Bowl? Oh. By some lucky play to beat the bills with 8 seconds left. We were outcoached by WADE PHILIPS til that point and we lucked out. Thankfully.

    Only to go play conservative Fisher-ball (not-to-lose rather than to-win strategy) in the Super Bowl. Fell behind early so he was forced to abandon his crappy game plan and let McNair be McNair... which worked. And would have worked all game long.

    So yes. I'll say it- with any other coach- we win that Super Bowl.

    2. He played Eddie George when there were proven better runners behind him. Killing us with his terrible YPC late in his career.

    3. He did the same thing with McNair.

    4. Then did it with Lamont Thompson, Reynaldo Hill, etc... all the while, he made TONS of RIDICULOUS excuses for this guy. I'll quote one of the many:

    "Well, on this play, Lamont makes a perfect play on the ball (he made a terrible play) but the quarterback made a bad throw, and they ended up getting a touchdown."

    Yes. He actually said that.

    5. He tried field-goaling teams to death. How many games were we leading at halftime only to lose? Many by a good margin. Why? Fisherball.

    6. He hired Norm Chow.

    7. He loved KFC more than the colonel himself.

    8. He hired Chuck Cecil.

    9. He kept Jim Schwartz around. (better head coach than coordinator- by far)

    10 His player loyalty and blind bias KILLED us countless times.

    This wasn't "the last few years". It was his entire career here.

    His record was average.

    His gameplan was sh*t, outdated 80s rubbish that no longer works in the NFL.

    And he's gone because of it.

    Don't give me that "forced to draft a QB he didn't want" nonsense. HE WANTED LIENART.

    Yes. Matt Lienart. Now- tell me how much better that would have worked.

    Better yet- if you'll recall- that terrible QB he was "forced to draft" actually saved his job after his god-awful coaching got us to 0-6. Remember?
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  7. Deuce Wayne

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    And good luck matching up two 5 ft 7 WRs on the secondaries of Seattle, San Fran, and Arizona...

    I love Austin- but those secondaries will swallow him whole. 2 dumb draft moves by the Rams, simply because of match-ups.
  8. Titansman1

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    You're right, he's gone...and will never be in the NFL again. And it's not because of Fisher, it's because of VY.

    But how can you not say that him being given a chance to make a team in Philly and with the Bills were not a legitimate shot? News flash, that's exactly what a shot or second chance is...if I remember correctly Vick was brought into Philly as a backup, was he not? And what happened when he got his shot to step into a game? And what happened when Mr Diva had that same shot to step in when Vick went down? Exactly, you can't say he didn't get a second chance or shot, that's just silly.
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    New team momentum? Tell me how that works in the NFL? Did you just pull that horseshilt out of your assh?

    Wade Phillips didnt outcoach anyone in that game. Players made mistaes that even left the Bils in the game. It was FisherBall but thats just insane to say Wade outcoached Fisher. The Bills were lucky to be in the game. It was 16-15 ... no one outcoached anyone. The Bills gained under 100 yards in the 1st half.

    The Titans then had to beat a 13-3 Colts team and a 14-2 Jags team. They didnt get into the Super Bowl on a flukey play. The Titans were a great team. Fisher is a very good Coach. Fisher just ran his course and it was time.

    But making this crap up is , well.... sad. I still want to hear about this " new team momentum "
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    It literally took a miracle to beat the Bills, if we were so great that year then how did it come down to that?

    I don't know why people defend Fisher so much. It's like people were happy with average every year and doing the same thing over and over and over. Hey, here's something. What has he really done since all of our great players from late 90's to early 00's are gone? Nothing. VY literally saved his job for a while. Haynesworth and CJ carried the team to 13-3. So please tell me exactly what Fisher has done to warrant this discussion.

    It's kind of like a similarity with a college coach like Mark Richt. Well respected guy and has talented teams every few years but can't win the big game or gets out coached despite his name. Or Tubs in Auburn or Fulmer at Tennessee. People get tired of average. We had to make a move. Was it the right one? I'm not totally sold on Munchak being a very good HC but he's improving. I also would have no doubt in my mind that if Webster was GM during the time we were looking for a new HC and rebuilding we would be so far ahead than where we are now.

    Just because Fisher improved the Rams (how could they get worse) and had a flashy draft class doesn't mean we're hurting for him again. They will get no where with him.
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