Where is VY? (all things Vince Young goes here)

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by grindtime, Feb 10, 2011.

  1. Scarecrow

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    I got into an argument with a Chiefs fan over McNair winning MVP over Priest Holmes. I used the point that Holmes had all pros surrounding him, while McNair had a handful. He then compared George, in his last year here, to Trent Greene in his prime.......

    .....r/nfl has some truly special people.
  2. sirjesse

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    Just posting here, because this was in danger of sliding to page four. We got to keep this on the front page for when the Texans sign VY after Fitzpatrick goes down.

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    VY is alive and well on gotitans
  4. CalgaryTitansFan

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    I still have a Young jersey. I'll likely keep it for the hell of it lol.
  5. Titans Eternal

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    I bought Madden 09 for PC last night.

    So.. I FOUND VY.
  6. CRUDS

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    I have a VY jersey.
    We all thought he was going to be the next Titan messiah. It didn't work out that way.
    I keep reading the "Fisher ruined VY" meme.
    Sorry, but VY was a grown man the day he signed his NFL contract. Even if Fisher wanted to ruin him, he could have rose above.
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  7. UrbanLegend3

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    No one should disagree with this. The coach was the only one who didn't want him. His teammates and even the owner were on his side. Many guys have overcome more.His mental issues are his problem not anyone else. It's unfortunate his career turned out the way it did but he sure played a role in it.
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  8. CalgaryTitansFan

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    :cj: should be ready for a breakout year for ya!
  9. Titans Eternal

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    Nevermind. It was 08. I got Lenwhale and Henry...
  10. Pro Football Talk

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    The Titans career of quarterback Vince Young ended in 2010, when an altercation between Young and former Titans coach Jeff Fisher ended with Young declaring, “I’m not running out on my teammates. I’m running out on you.” Young now realizes that, as a practical matter, his NFL career also ended in that moment.

    “I definitely do regret getting into it with Coach Fisher down in Tennessee,” Young told In the Loop with Nick & Lopez of SportsRadio 610 in Houston. “It kind of left a bad rap with me and the perception that I’m a bad guy.”

    Young insists he’s not a bad guy (then again, how many bad guys admit it?). But he said the reputation made it harder when he arrived in new cities.

    “Once something gets out to one guy, it spreads like a virus,” Young said. “When I was playing for different teams, the first thing is the perception they already have.”

    It’s unclear how much that perception ultimately doomed Young in his handful of post-Tennessee stops. He shot himself in the foot upon arriving in Philly, applying the ill-fated “Dream Team” label. It didn’t get much better when he got a chance to play.

    In Buffalo the next year, the Bills decided after spending plenty of offseason and preseason time with Young to move on, despite giving him a $350,000 signing bonus.

    The Packers gave him a training-camp look-see last year, but he didn’t do enough in a short time frame to earn a roster spot. The Browns let him show what he can do during the offseason, quickly opting to sever ties.

    In past years, part of the problem seemed to be that Young wasn’t willing to embrace the role of a backup quarterback, stubbornly believing he was still good enough to start. He spurned chances to play in Canada, either because he felt he was too good to play north of the border or because he was worried that maybe he wasn’t.

    Regardless, it’s now finally over for Young. And his permanent exit from football traces to his permanent exit from the Titans locker room.

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