Where is VY? (all things Vince Young goes here)

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by grindtime, Feb 10, 2011.

  1. 5tweezyPOT

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    he had some nice deep throws tonight plus again that 7 ints came when he played 12 games and had 1800 yards
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    Pre season or not, Locker looked deadly accurate while throwing against one of the best secondaries in the NFL and they were playing man coverage. That should be impressive and encouraging. His numbers were better than Ryan's.
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  3. TitanJeff

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    I posted their rushing yards. Young had more total rushing yards but Locker more per carry.

    How? As a passing threat. Please.

    If you wish to ignore reality, he probably was.

    He went from bad to worse the following season. If Locker does the same, you'd call for him to be cut.
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  4. CJtheBeast

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    I think Vince would be a great QB to add to the stable to help us win games. I've been pleasantly surprised by Locker this season and think he's above Fitzpatrick, but think that Vince could be our solid #2 that we could use and wouldn't have to change the offense. Fitzpatrick would be an option that would change our playcalling and gameplan.

    I think our defense can finally be good enough to get off the field. If CJ, Greene, and Battle can keep the chains moving the play action will be deadly and we'll have a great offense. Could be better than our '08 year if Casey keeps beasting and Ayers/Brown come on. Verner got beat deep today but was all over the receivers prior. I was there watching and everyone agreed the PI's were BS. He played better than McCourty who played super conservative and gave up a lot of underneath passes. It looks like he's been on auto-pilot this pre-season.

    For those comparing VY to Aaron Rodgers you'll probably get to see this year. He's signed to a 1 year deal and will be available at the end of the season. You know Bud loves him some Vince. Could it be homecoming? Could the Texans never beat us again while Young has on a Titans uniform?
  5. Riverman

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    More like a runny #2. :rimshot:
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  6. CJtheBeast

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    I'd take the yards he ran for against the Panthers. Harrell couldn't even get a score.
  7. GoT

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    he stopped running when he was in 2 tone blue. Without the run he was less of a threat ( meaning no threat at all)
  8. CJtheBeast

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    Locker is our QB. But Vince is more than capable as a backup. He's proven that to Green Bay. Both the Management and fans like him. I wish him well this year and hope he proves that he's still capable of starting.
  9. Deuce Wayne

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    Locker had more YPC because he ran far less. Teams had a spy to watch VY run. No team cares about Locker running for his 10 yard max gain.

    If you're actually denying that VY opened up the run game, you should show yourself out of this one and go talk football with the wife instead. This is common knowledge.

    VY was at his best the season he was cut... when I finally let off bashing him a bit because he was being "serviceable".

    Jake has to improve greatly for me to to want him cut. Not just barely improve. He's had more than enough time, and more than enough excuses. Put up or watch your replacement drafted in round 1 come May.
  10. 5tweezyPOT

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    VY WILL NEVER BE LOCKERS BACK UP if anything we can draft someone who more fits the offense next year late