What's Jake Locker's Destiny?

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    Man most of you bug me when it comes to your Locker opinions. He's "Rex Grossman", "Vince Young", "McNair", etc... Guys, for gods sake, he's started what a total of eight games, one of which he got hurt on the 2nd series in Houston. He's "anti-clutch", blah, blah, blah.

    Locker has so much potential it's crazy, but please cut him some slack. He's been in the league two years and he's on his 2nd OC already, hell perhaps a 3rd depending on what happens with DL.

    Not only is he a great person off the field, which is hugely important, but he's been nothing but a stand up guy on the field. He doesn't point fingers he takes all the blame which is a sign of a real leader. He's going to be in the play book the entire off season, they guy will be living, eating and breathing football for his entire career. In other words, he won't be drinking in clubs till the wee hours but he damn well will be in church on Sundays.

    He's only going to get better guys, just temper your expectations a bit for now. The O-line is in need of a major overhaul and we need a big bodied number 1 receiver. It could be Britt, I just don't know, but Locker needs a big time weapon at receiver.

    I for one am so happy we have a true franchise QB, a real leader on our team. One that takes his profession seriously and is extremely driven to succeed. Physically he has all the tools, but he still needs support from the F.O. to get him the right pieces around him.

    I think a lot of the problem many of you have with Locker is perception. Each week we see Luck putting up huge numbers and wonder why Jake isn't there yet. The Titans are just not that kind of offense... where the rest of the league is morphing into a passing league we are still trying to stick to a run first offense. Good or bad that is the truth, we are not the kind of offense that will throw the ball 50 times a game.

    Anyway, I will continue to complain, point fingers at problems on this team where they are deserved. But one guy I can't rightly criticize is Locker, he is just so far from being a problem it's a waste of my time to B&M about him.
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    When you don't have anything to work with, no decent playbook, what do you expect from him? Last week it was 'drop a perfectly good pass' week. Every week it's something. Heck, no wonder he get nervous before a game. He never knows if he will be the only one playing or if his receivers have decided to play a quarter or two. They have never played four. You can't be great unless you have others that support you on your journey. He has little support.
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    Tipped at the line because his delivery point is atrocious..

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    This guy watches the Titans

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    I'll admit that there were a lot of drops from catchable balls, but perfectly thrown? Who are you trying to kid?
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    One of them was in Nate's hands and knocked out.

    But you do realize the Texans have done this to literally everyone this season, right? Its what they're best at on defense.

    Btw VY's delivery was horrible. He improved it a little bit over the years, but it always sucked. If VY, a perennial retard, can improve his delivery, I'm sure Jake can.
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    I realize Jake Locker has done it to everyone this season. His delivery point has been a problem all year long. Lots of batted balls.
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    I see Jake Locker as middle of the pack, mold-able piece of QB Play-dough. He's never gonna be prime flinger like Brady nor will he be a rusted iron throwback ox like Rothlessberger. His pluses are that he's apparently smart, has some wheels, a bit of natural ability and appears to be about the team rather than just being about Jake.

    The Titans pass philosophy on the other hand? Who knows... How many times does even the lowly TV announcer have to call out the play-calling for wanting to stand in the pocket and throw in to the hands of defensive lineman - over and over? The rest of the time, our ****** WR corps is dropping everything that comes their way. I had hopes for Kendall Wright but it appears he's just another dropped pass machine..

    I firmly believe if The Titans had just one AJ Green/Megatron type STUD all would be different. KW as #2 and so on.. That and give me a heaping, line-busting mass at RB.

    You can replace the entire CJ/Britt/Cook me-first mediocrity machine with DPs. Send em packing with Michael Griffin. PLEASE.

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    Im still pretty sure Jake is going to be elite. Like, top 5 QB elite.

    His core abilties (arm strength, speed) Are top tier inn the NFL So is his character and work ehic His awareness of the secondary i pretty good too. i am really unsure if he has bbbeen baited into more than 1 or 2 Ints like most veterans aree. He also has a great amount of big play ability.

    The accuracy is the only question, but most expected it to be worse than it is and he has made steady progress in the offseason anyway. I anticipate big things in 2013