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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Titans2004, Nov 5, 2012.

  1. Titans2004

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    I'm not talking about coaches/co-ordinators. I'm talking about players. So going into the offseason what do we need.

    On offense we have to improve our interior OL and get a bruising RB to back up CJ. Otherwise we are set at every other postition as long as we tag/sign Cook. Our QB, OT, TE, and WR corp are all solid NFL quality players. So we should not be far from having a very solid offense.

    On defense we need everything....a starting CB so that Verner can move back inside to the nickle. The biggest thing is that adding one player actually improves 2 positions. We need a disruptive DL either a DE or DT but somebody that teams have to actually worry about in the front 4. We need safety help in a bad way. We need Lber help. We need more heart.

    I still think that you need to be dominant on one side of the ball or the other to be a top team. You have to have an identity. Certainly looks like to me that we are closer to that on the offensive side of the ball given personnel.

    If we were to cut Britt, Washington, Wright, Roos, Stewart, CJ, Stevens, or Cook, they would all have plenty of other teams looking to sign them. That tells me we have talent.
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    While I agree we have a lot of offensive talent, we can't have turnovers like we did yesterday. Mind you that's going to happen against a good D like the Bears, but that was just ridiculous. Ball security is important and we didn't have it. Our D looked decent and kept us in it early in the game, but then it fell apart. Can't argue with needing a lot on D.

    I think we have some talent to build off of, but damn do I hate our play calling. On O and D. I'd also like to see someone on the sidelines with some fire. I've liked watching the 9ers lately, and Harbouagh just gets pissed and yells, I want that. I want someone yelling at the refs when they **** up. Last week against the Colts, I at least expect my coach out there demanding for a review, even if it's not going to happen, at least pretend that you give a ****.

    Anyways, I'll end my rant lol.
  3. TitansWillWin2

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    WE NEED HEART AS A TEAM. Period. Without heart you have nothing.!
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  4. xpmar9x

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    QB - Currently set w. Locker (if he can get/stay healthy). 781 yds, 4 TDs, 2 INTs in 3 games impressed me, especially on 63 C%. Hasselbeck is a solid backup, and I see returning for his final year.

    RB - My opinion is that Chris Johnson isn't worth the $12M he's set to receive next year. He's too inconsistent and isn't helping us win games. He dominated the worst rush defense in the league (Buffalo), and got a scrub garbage time 80 yard run vs. the Bears. Other than that the only game that he impressed me on was the Houston game. Honestly, I don't see the Titans getting rid of him. I think CJ is an above average RB, but he's not a superstar and isn't worth superstar money.

    FB - We're fine.

    WR - Set w. Britt, Washington, and Kendall. Britt has been on/off this week, but keep in mind he's coming back from an ACL injury. Normally takes a solid 18 months to get back to 100% (unless you're a freak like AP). Britt is just now getting back to 100%, and he's been improving.. just stay healthy and out of trouble. Nate can ball, and is underrated, he's locked up for a few more years. Wright has impressed me, and has made rookie mistakes that he'll improve on. Waiting for blocks to develop on screens is the biggest thing.

    TE - Set (if we keep Cook). Stevens/Thompson are both solid at blocking. Cook can be an elite receiving TE, just needs to keep getting looks. He's getting unhappy and may leave.

    OT - Roos/Stewart are both 30 and both dropped off a little this year, mostly Roos. Otto can be a starting OT. Both Roos/Stewart are above average, but they use to be elite. Still set for a few more years with them.

    OG - Need one starter and one project. Hutchinson is solid, but he's old. He will still be a starter for the next couple years, but would be nice to get a mid round OG to hopefully develop behind him. Harris is a FA and needs to be cut free. Can Velasco play OG? Probably not. We need an early round G or a legit FA.

    C - Need one start. Amano is a chump and Velasco isn't much better. We need a new center, and should of taken Konz in the 2nd over Brown. We then missed out on multiple C FAs this year: Wells, Meyers, and Hardwick. There isn't any good center FAs, so we need an early round C in the draft.

    Bottom line: We need a new OC, OG, and potentially RB (depending on FOs decision on CJ)


    DE - Enhanced pass rusher. Wimbley has been average, at best. He's not putting up sack #s, but he is getting pressure on the QB consistently. He's also been facing doubles. Morgan has improved, but still hasn't lived up to his first round potential. Solid vs the run, pedestrian vs the pass. Virtually no depth at DE. FAs: Michael Johnson, Osi, and others could come in to play with the mad amount of cap space we have. If not, would be nice to get a draftee, but not our biggest flaw. Especially with Ayers going hands down more in our nickel.

    DT - Casey was so impressive last year, and hasn't shown up a ton this year. Martin has been a plesant surprise, but still isn't by any means a gamechanger. Klug is non-existent on this team now, isn't getting the snaps. Marks has stepped up, but he's a freeagent after this year and I don't see us resigning him. A playmaker up the middle would be nice, and this draft is filled with Top-Tier DT talent in Star and Hankins.

    OLB - Set. ZB & Ayers have stepped up. ZB isn't afraid of contact like many thought. Ayers is the one bright spot to this defense. I've been so impressed with him. Depth is not there with Witherspoon out, he's also a FA. Depth is nice, but we have two future starters.

    ILB - McCarthy needs to stay healthy, although he's never done that in his career (going back to HS). He's injury prone, and it's killing us. If he can stay healthy, he'd be a stud MLB. The ankle is killing him this year. Shaw is a solid and underrated backup and ST captain.

    CB - Need. McCourty/Verner are two solid starters, but the coaching is killing them. Verner is better suited in the slot, especially since we run the nickel 90% of the time. We need to find a CB who can play as LCB or RCB, moving Verner back inside. Verner and McCourty can tackle extremly well for corners, and i'd like us to use Verner in a Finny role. A ton of FAs CBs: Brent Grimes, Mike Jenkins, Sam Shields, Derek Cok, Sean Smith, DRC, Quentin Jammes, Antoine Cason, & Talib. We have a ton of money, we need to sign one of these guys.

    S - Need. Griffin sucked the entire season, and has had one good game. However, his contract basically has him locked in for atleast one more year. Babineaux & Rojo have both sucked as well. We need to find a legit SS, Byrd is a FA, but he's not leaving BUF. We need to go after an early round safety as well. Replace Babineaux, and hope Griffin can improve with a better DC. Consitentcy is what we need from Griff.

    Bottomline: Get a new DC. Get a playmaker in the interior DL and find a RCB allowed Verner to go to the slot. Replace Babs.
  5. Big TT

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    A bunch of Cowardly LIONS for sure
  6. nickmsmith

    nickmsmith Most poverty RB core.

    Better question is what we don't need.

    TE, WR, P, LS

    I feel like upgrades could be made at every other position.
  7. Finnebosch

    Finnebosch I am vengeance.

    We need coaches, leaders, and heart.

    We need this guy

    Edit: Talking about #9 in the background. All great leaders need a hype man.
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    CJ running for 99 yards vs the steelers didnt impress you? lol. What he is doing with this scrub line is amazing! he is the second leading rusher in the AFC and after his start and our terrible line, those numbers are amazing.

    JCBRAVE 2017 Pick'em Champion Tip Jar Donor

    The only spots on offense we need to upgrade the players at are Guard and Center. Adding a power back would be nice too.

    On defense we could use 2 safety's and a D-Linemen.

    I truly believe our problems are scheme, and not personnel.
  10. xpmar9x

    xpmar9x The Real Slim Shady

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