What to do with Mariota past 2019

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Whitters21, Feb 14, 2019.

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    Mariota and Walker have given us the stability at their positions to build an offense for this team.
    Marcus beat the Pats last season. Was a surgeon. He beat the Eagles. He outperformed Watson when he played against the Texans (that world beating defense you were talking about???). He really only had 1 bad game and played with injuries that would've sent some QB's to IR. But yea, blame the only consistent weapon besides Walker we've had the past 4 years.

    The defense got shredded by the Colts and the Texans the 2nd game. Mariota literally ONLY MISSED A SINGLE THROW AND WE LOST THE GAME. How does that happen? Lamar Miller ripping off 200 yards on that "top 10 defense."

    Do you actually watch the games?

    And how quickly forget many of these posters bashing Mariota were also calling for Derrick Henry to be TRADED. How quickly we forget. Fickle fans.
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  2. CJtheBeast

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    According to Go Titans we should've traded Derrick Henry AND Mariota.

    Some team would've gotten steals.
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  3. JR1980

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    A steal? Since when is inconsistency, never playing 16 games, and throwing 13 then 11 td’s in year 3 and 4 a steal?...FOH with that talk....Dude has been steadily regressing and inconsistent.

    JCBRAVE Internet Sensation

    I only recall fry and xo wanting to move Henry
  5. 520

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    Lol you can’t judge qbs by “he outperformed watson when they played each other” when Watson quite literally doubled his production

    That’s quite literally the DUMBEST way to judge qb playb
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  6. abc2330

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    If is pretty impressive how 1 guy can beat a team of 53 by himself. But Mariota apparently does it all of the time.
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  7. Johnnyb

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    I watch all the games, and go to as many as I can. And I've been a huge Mariota fan and backer. But at some point you have to take off the kid gloves and really look at what he's done, and where he's going - and it's not good. If you compare him to the likes of Jake Locker, Vince Young, and the bevy of terrible other QB's the Titans have had, Mariota is a superstar. Compared to the rest of the league and the modern NFL though, he's just run of the mill.

    You keep pointing out things like the game where he only missed 1 pass. Ok great. You know who's record he tied? Mark Brunell. A journeyman, run of the mill QB. And for all those completed passes, he still only put up 17 points. You fail to mention how he took 6 sacks in that same game. And I remember most of those being his fault from holding the ball too long.

    I guarantee that if the only thing Tom Brady, Rodgers, or any other top QB cared about was completing passes, they could probably put together a perfect game where all they do is drop it off underneath and hit bubble screens. But they actually push the ball down the field and try to score TD's. Marcus doesn't. It seems like he's scared to, even when he's healthy.

    It drives me up a wall to no end because his best season in 2016, he was launching bombs left and right and actually looked confident. He's lost that confidence though. Maybe it's due to injury, change in scheme, doesn't trust his receivers, or doesn't want to turn over the ball. But whatever the reason, he's getting worse. He needs to turn it around, and fast, or he's going to end up being another journeyman QB, and another name to add to our long list of failed QB's.

    As a side note, Derrick Henry himself said that he knew that he was possibly going to be traded and had to go re-evaluate himself. He talked to Eddie George and watched a lot of tape on himself to try to fix his game. Marcus needs to do the same. He has to get over whatever this funk he's in.
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  8. 520

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  9. Passepartout

    Passepartout Father's Day 2019

    Seems like a decent nice guy. But really he has only played 16 games once while he has been here. But really hope as he is on borrowed time. To be a franchise QB. You can only want the best for him as a nice guy. But still, do not want him to keep on getting hurt.
  10. Gut

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    Uh...we have a damn good team that is ONLY held back by Mariota?

    How was our run game most of the year? Great? Good? Poor? It was poor most of the year. So poor Derrick Henry was questioning himself why he was so bad and why the coaching staff had to go with Lewis more. You might wonder why Lewis was poor considering he was excellent in NE. Perhaps because our vaunted OL was playing horribly. Conklin was terrible all year until Kelly replaced him and played well. Spain was so bad he got benched. Kline was so good we didn't want him back. And Jones was so good he gave up the most sack of all NFL OC's despite the fact that we threw the ball fewer than most teams.

    Walker was hurt pretty much the whole year and Smith got hurt just when he started showing signs of figuring it out. CD was our only good wr and even he was up and down. Taylor was even more inconsistent and Matthews quit on the team early on.

    Is this the vaunted offense Mariota is holding back?

    In fairness, Mariota was up and down too. Some games he was quite good and other games he was not.

    We added the top free agent OG to play LG and we know they'd like to improve the IOL more. Could be a draft pick...maybe they'd consider moving Conklin to RG and leave Kelly at RT. But that line has been getting a lot of consideration for improvement.

    We added the top slot wr in free agency to improve our wr corp and more help is expected via the draft.

    And yes, we added a good QB to be Mariota's backup and to push him. And the only reason we aren't looking at RB is that Henry had a monster December and an improved OL should help Lewis get back to form.

    The defense that finished ranked so highly was a problem in some big games too! If you watched all the games, you'd know this. Indy marched up and down the field against our vaunted D and we got little Edge pressure from our OLB's (Morgan and Rak). And when Casey was out, we could only get pressure by blitzing ppl up the middle. Our pass rush need help and got some in Landry and Wake...but we likely need more.

    I also wouldn't rule out them wanting a true NT given how the Texans ran all over us as did Indy quite a bit though they may hope a better partner for Casey up the middle and more PT for Evans may solve that problem.

    This is a good team that had a lot of problems last year. At times, Mariota was one of them. But he was far from the only one and to suggest otherwise is to be the kind of fan that ignores everything except the QB. When we win, it's all the QB. When we lose, it's all the qb.

    This is a team sport. We need the whole team to play better and more consistently if we want a championship!
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