What the Titans need with 40 mill in cap space

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by BigRob, Nov 2, 2006.

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  1. GoT

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    he should
  2. A.D.

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    White not only didn't carry a full load at USC, he played in twelve-game seasons. If he's going to be a feature back in the NFL, he'll need to carry the ball 20+ times per game times 16 games, a minimum of 320 carries a year. If you want him to get 25 carries a game, that's 400 carries a year, not including the preseason and (hopefully) playoffs.

    In his three years at USC, White carried only 197, 203, and 141 times.

    It takes a full season to find out if a back can carry a full load, not one game.
  3. Banshee2

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    I like Manningham, think he'll be around later.

    Zbkowski (pronounced "Zib-ih-cow-ski") is the guy from ND with the weird name. I also like Samardzija (your guess on that one), he seems like Drew with more speed...of course, the Cubbies may have dibs on that one!
  4. Hellblitzer

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    FA#1 Clements

    1st round... trade way down if were top 5. If not the best player available.

    2nd round... SAFETY

    3rd round... DT

    4th round... QB

    5th round... WR

    Now in a perfect world we can trade Pacman for a late 1st or a 2nd.
  5. Banshee2

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    I think Collins stays around to be the Neil Odonnell-type cat for Vince...

    I like the thought of grabbing great FAs from our own division. Makes us better and Indy/Jax worse. I give Freeney a TON of cash and pray he doesn't get hurt (as our FAs have a tendency to do)...

    I'm not as sure we need a WR. I don't think we've seen anything from Givens, but I don't necessarily think that's his fault. The guy's got skill, we just need to be a little patient. BJones has come along nicely as well. I think WR in the 1st round is a mistake. Defense wins champs, so let's build the D. That being said, I won't complain if we give VY a nice, big target to throw to...

    Peterson is not where we wanna go. Trade down and take Mike Bush from U-of-L. HUMONGOUS, and he's a TD machine.

    I do agree that S is a need. I like getting one in the 2-3rd. I'd rather take a seasoned corner from FA, someone who can play either zone or man straight up...

    One more thing, a prediction. I'm saying it now - Pacman will be here next season and will explode. We all had to wait for Haynesworth to grow up and look at what happened with him! Wait...nevermind.

    Just my thoughts.
  6. maximus

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    Of course, you wouldnt be biased....
  7. maximus

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    As much as I would love for us to pick up Adrian Peterson
    We have spent 3 first day picks in the past 5-6 years on RB
    Brown-3 round
    Henry-(traded for 3rd round)
    White-2nd round

    I realize that Brown will probably leave for greener pastures and a new hospital to visit on a seasonly basis, but White and Henry can carry the load. A pick will need to be spent in the mid rounds for a faster, more elusive back to change the pace.
    That is, unless we really want to use the wishbone, which Im not opposed to ;)
  8. Architect

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    Does anybody have a clue about the progress of Lowry or Fuller. If one of them can really step up the S problem is solved... Big IF tho
  9. TitanJeff

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    Titans Radio had an article on Fuller yesterday. He's still not 100% from his injury last season. Maybe he pushes LT very soon.

    They like Lowry who has stood out on special teams. The depth chart has him behind Fuller but you wonder if he might slide over and become the #2 behind Hope at some point.
  10. ammotroop

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    This offseason will be crazy yet again. THe outcome of the next five games will determine a lot. Plus the season is long, lets hope for no serious injuries. I just want to watch Young improve, and I dont think it would hurt to give him another weapon. The defense needs help from the top down.
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