What Should Titans Do at QB?

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by NewHorizans, Jan 15, 2014.

  1. Draft a QB

  2. Sign a Solid Free Agent QB

  3. Fix What We Have, Locker can be the Guy

  1. xpmar9x

    xpmar9x The Real Slim Shady

    I personally would like some of what you're smoking.

    I just can't see a team offering a decent draft pick for a QB who can't stay healthy in any of his 3 years in the league. Especially one who's been average when healthy.

    Remember, this is the NFL. Trades involving players basially never happen.
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  2. Titans2004

    Titans2004 Pro Bowler

    If you think that a franchise QB is available at #11 then you take him unless you think that Locker is your franchise guy. If you aren't sure about Locker and aren't sure that a franchise Qb is on the board at #11 then you certainly don't reach for a QB. You wait and grab one in the 2nd -4th rnd. If you know that Locker isn't your franchise QB, then you do what you can to trade up and get a franchise QB.
  3. Old Oiler Fan

    Old Oiler Fan Starter

    Pick Carr at 11 and sign McCown. Release locker so he's not a distraction. Now you're set at a Qb for years. Draft rb in the 2nd. Release cj. Spend the rest of the draft focusing on the other needs. Start fresh with new coaches.
  4. Scarecrow

    Scarecrow CEO of PPO Tip Jar Donor


    I'll take how to ruin a franchise for $100
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  5. NewHorizans

    NewHorizans Titans Ruckus (oYo)

    No chance Locker gets cut. He is the cheapest backup possible coming off the last year of his Rookie Deal.
  6. GTFO my pancakz

    GTFO my pancakz S.D.M.F.

    Would like Garropolo in the 2nd but I don't see him being there come draft time. The competition would only make him and Locker better but more importantly if there is an injury we would have a more solid backup than Fitz.
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    UCTITAN Starter

    just dont mistakingly say third pick. since we dont have a third. some over achieving homo fan will come on here just to correct you and make you feel better about himself not having anything else to do but cratle nut sack and look up every detail he can just to feel worthy.
  8. The Hammer

    The Hammer Problematic AF

    Additionally we gain nothing by cutting him. His dead cap number is equal to what he makes. And if we do take a QB I do not think Locker will be a distraction. And if Locker ends up doing well we can always trade one of them.
  9. Two Kings

    Two Kings NJ Titan

    More food for thought:

    According to the National Football Post, three general managers with a "serious interest" in this year's quarterback-draft class compare it to 2011's.
    Per reporter Jason Cole, one GM added "except there’s no Cam Newton." Aside from Newton, the 2011 class included Blaine Gabbert, Jake Locker and Christian Ponder. In other words, a bunch of flops. All four players went in the first 12 picks. Louisville's Teddy Bridgewater is generally considered the top talent in this year's class, followed in varying order by Texas A&M's Johnny Manziel, UCF's Blake Bortles and Fresno State's Derek Carr. With as many as seven QB-needy teams picking in the top 10 this May, reaches like 2011's are a definite possibility.

    Jan 21 - 6:24 PM​
  10. NewHorizans

    NewHorizans Titans Ruckus (oYo)

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