What position do we go?

Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by Titansfan12, Oct 17, 2010.

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  1. Carp

    Carp Starter

    I doubt all of those defensive players will be off the board before our pick. Hard to gauge the draft before the combine, but Blake Gabbert, Tyron Smith, Nate Solder, Mark Ingram, Julio Jones, and AJ Green all figure to be in the mix for Top 10 picks as well. I really hope Peterson is there, although that is probably wishful thinking. But again, it's hard to get a good feel for the top picks until after the combine. There is a slight chance he falls to us. I wouldn't be upset with Prince either.
  2. bmoretitansfan2

    bmoretitansfan2 Practice Squad

    if we dont keep babin (which i hope we do:logo:) i say we go DE there's too many good ones to pass up with the 8th pick. if Babin stays i think we go DT or QB. we need players that could step right in and play at both positions
  3. MikeyDay

    MikeyDay Clutch like a stick shift

    If Bud is seriously about winning NOW, he would need to draft smart, and bring in some big FA's.

    Top 5 Needs ( in order )

    1. Quarterback

    We all know we need a QB bcuz Collins is not the answer and Smith is still not ready.

    Free agency solution - Trade for Orton. Orton would come at the price of a 2nd rounder and is a proven guy who has thrown for 4000 yards, much better then drafting a reach at 8 and hoping he pans out later on. I wouldnt like Mcnabbs fit in this offense with Fisher here and there isnt anybody in Free agency worth noting bringing in, UNLESS some how Manning doesnt resign..

    Draft solution - None. Im sorry i dont see anyone coming in at 8, who would be a reach regardless of who, and winning. Cam cannot pass. Mallet cannot win big games nor throw constistent. Gabbert is a project, Locker is the best out of them all and hes a 2nd rounder, so no.

    2. Offensive Line

    Amano is horrible, Scott is too soft and Harris is not a guard.

    Free agency solution - We need a interior line, i say get rid of all 3 starters and bring in some new ones to fill in. Hell Matthews MIGHT start at center if he has a good offseason. SO Centers a ? for now... I like Davin Joesph from the Bucs, terrific run blocker which could only help CJ out and RG is a need so why not? Carl Nicks is another guy who is a pro bowl guard. We cant settle for average lineman again or else CJ will be VERY ineffective next year. We have to sign someone worthy at this postion, my vote is Joesph, hes def one who will mak our oline dependable again.

    Draft solution - Sherrod, and hope he pans out at guard. I think he would be fine under our line coach, but still i rather address this need in free agency.

    3. Secondary/Corner/safety

    We need help point blank...

    Free Agency solution - Asomugha.. enough said. If not which i prob wont fight you on, is Champ Bailey, hes been a top corner for the longest and even though hes up there in age, hes still pretty damn good. Other options is Jonathon Joesph which i have this funny feeling we will go after him, is a nice pickup. Any one of these guys would def boost our defense... / Hope needs to go hes lost a step and his ability to tackle recently.. there really isnt a name who stands out in this years FA class of safeties, maybe Pollard? Maybe we bring in Eric Weddle? Both of those would be a upgrade...sadly.. i just think we needa bring in a corner and move Verner to saftey, thats my best case.

    Draft solution - Draft Prince. Prince is the 2nd best corner rated but i think hes the best corner in the draft still. Besides, Peterson will be gone by 8 and Prince might be there, so if we cannot get a CB thru free agency. /
    Carter from OU is prob not a 1st round guy and not a top 10 pick at that. So i doubt we take him to fill this need, and maybe get someone else in the later rounds to fill in.

    4. Wide Receiver

    Britt is gunna beast it, but we need someone else to make plays on the other side of the field..

    Free agency solution - This is normally where teams shell out huge money expecting a instant star and fail. We have to be careful if we sign a WR here. Esp with Fisher.. There are many names that we could use here, Holmes.. Vincent Jackson, Sidney Rice, and Steve Smith from the NYG. Personally id like Vincent Jackson, since he can spread the field and if we have a QB who can throw... look out defenses.. Damien Williams is a good slot guy and i rather keep him there then put him at #2. Washington needs to go along with Gage.. im tired of the 5 yard passes.. being dropped...

    Draft solution - DRAFT AJ GREEN. I doubt this happens, i doubt he lasts here, but this is the one move i want us to take. This guy has Fitzgerald all over him... I know Fisher style isnt gunna help him but Fisher prob wont be back after this yr, and if we get a ballsy head coach, Britt and Green look like the star future...

    5. Defensive tackle

    I think this is a higher need then LB bcuz we have promising futures of McGrath and Curren. Plus if u have a good dline, your lbs only need to make a tackle and we have that in Tully.

    Free Agency solution - Well there is Ngata, i mean i think hes ok ( sarcasm ) Seymour , Pat Williams, Mebane ( my wanted pick ) and Franklin. Mebane ( ima CAL fan , is def underratedm hes one of the best young DT's in the NFL and he stops the run. Thats nasty with Jones being able to create a pass rush along with him powering thru. I think it would be a nice fit. But then again this isnt madden.

    Draft solution - I say Dareus, hes strong and could stop the run. Thats what we need , Fairly wont be there and Paea is more of a pass rushing guy imo, so take Dareus..

    Any thoughts on this? I know we can always fill a need in later rounds, but i did this under what can we do to win NOW
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  4. ScotTitan

    ScotTitan Starter

    Agree nobody with pick 8 is worthy, that leaves Orton or McNabb, I prefer McNabb and keep are second round pick and hope Locker falls to us?

    2. Offensive line-
    I want Kirkpatrick(TCU) for Centre at some point during the draft, we also have Velasco who played pretty well at the end of the season. Get rid of Amano, I agree horrible. Joesph and Icognito for the guard positions, lets get a bit nasty. Jake Scott is good for about three penalties a game.

    If Prince or Peterson are there at 8 we will grab one. If its Peterson he plays safety, if its Prince move Verner to safety.


    If they are gone then try to address safety position with round 2 pick. Im looking at McDaniel of Clemson, I hope he lasts to our pick in the second.

    If we take a CB round one,then our second rounder is more of BPA pick.

    4. WR -
    Sign One free agent WR, Please dont draft one especially with a high pick. Washington, Britt, Williams, Hawk, Gage, possibly Cook in the slot. I say we are pretty strong at WR.
    Although Britt and Juliio Jones would be terrifying.

    Bring back Allbert everyone on the line gets better, resign Babin he deserves it to be honest.
    I agree with Mikey in that Paea and Jones seem similar. Unless Fairley drops I dont want a DT that High.

    Sign McNabb, Icognito,Joesph, Albert, Vet WR.
    So leaving out comp picks.

    1.Prince Amukamara CB NEB
    2.Bruce Carter LB UNC
    3.Christian Ballard DE IOWA
    4.Kirkpatrick C TCU
    5.Andre Smith TE VT
    6.Roy Helu RB NEB
    7.Terrell McClain DT USF
  5. chamgel2

    chamgel2 Starter

    Actually most of these needs can be fillled through the draft this year, there isnt a lot of talent at the QB, but the rest of the positions we need it is a pretty deep draft for. Sets up well for us. I think Defensive tackle is a bigger need then most think though, I have it ranked #2 behind QB. And LB is a bigger need then WR in my opinion.

    1. QB..I agree, no one at #8. That leaves McNabb, Orton, or someone like Matt Flynn. Kolb is too pricey, I'd rather deal a 4th for Flynn then a 1st for Kolb. I'm hoping we can get Orton for a 3rd because we have too many holes on D to deal our 2nd. There will be a lot of competition for McNabb, which leads me to believe he'll be overpaid. My guess is we end up with Orton or Flynn as our starting QB.

    2. Defensive Tackle, I think you fix this, you will see improvement at the other levels of the D. Personally, I see Fisher making a big push to bring Haynesworth back. Even if he does, if Prince is off the board, I would love to see us get Dareus or Paea at #8 overall. Move Jones to DE, and have a dline of Morgan/Haynesworth/Paea/Jones....with Ford coming in on passing downs. It all starts upfront, and a trademark of successful Fisher teams has been a dominant dline.

    3. oline...in the mock I did somewhere on this board, I had us using our 3rd for John Moffitt OG from Wisconsin, and in the 5th (will actually probably have a compensatory pick at the end of the 4th we could use on this guy) I had us taking Jake Kirkpatrick, C from TCU. That would fill two holes on our oline with legit talent.

    4. CB/Safety.....either could be filled through the draft, if Prince Amukamara is there in round 1, you take him, if not, you take Dareus or Paea, and look at Deandre McDaniel, S from Clemson in round 2. NNamdi and Champ would be great, but I dont see that happening. I agree I could see us looking at Jonathan Joseph. Ike Taylor would be a very good Free agent (unless Im missing that he got a contract extention), as would Eric Weddle. You mentioned Carter, he is projected as a late 2nd, early 3rd round pick, so again, there are options in the draft to fill this need if we can't through free agency. Other options in round 2 and 3 I like a lot are Jimmy Smith, CB from Colorado, Aaron Williams, CB from Texas, Chemdi Chekwa, CB Ohio State. As far as safety, Rahim Moore, FS UCLA, you already mentioned Carter, McDaniel is a PERFECT fit for our D, and here's a wild card I really like that is sliding because he broke his leg in the Music City Bowl, Deunta Williams, FS UNC. He was a projected early 2nd round pick, but is sliding to the 4th or 5th rounds in a lot of mocks. Have I said yet that I love the way this draft sets up with our needs?

    5. LB. Our LBs have got to get better in pass coverage. Personally, I think getting rid of Cecil, and bringing in Mike Singletary as DC would fix a lot of this. The free agent I really want is Chad Greenway. I do not see Tulloch being re-signed, he is too much of a liability in pass coverage. Other guys I like in free agency are Stewart Bradley, Kevin Burnett and Paul Posloszny. Options later in the draft, Bruce Carter, LB UNC in round 2, Kevlin Sheppard, ILB LSU, round 4, and the one I really like, Casey Matthews, LB Oregon, in round 3 or 4. This is really a position I see being filled through free agency.

    As far as WR...you mentioned a name that still burns me we didn't get in the draft. Steve Smith, taking Chris Henry over him was one of the worst draft moves this franchise has made in the recent years. He would be a great addition to what this team needs, a sure handed chains mover. He would be great opposite Kenny Britt. Personally I think we use a mid-late round pick on a WR. Britt, Washington, and Williams is a fine 1,2,3 with Cook at TE. We have weapons on O to make a run if the D gets in line.
  6. griff33daddy

    griff33daddy Starter

    okay for 1. tulloch is a middle lineback hes not suppose to be great at pass coverage thats more on our outside linebackers and if we had a defensive line presence on each play then it would not look as bad as it did for our linebackers and secondary...

    1. qb-i agree with drafting locker in the 2nd if he is still there as a project under mcnabb or orton....i dont like either really but i could see us going for a ponder in the 3rd or mcElroy in the 6 or 7th

    2. if we do get locker or plan to get a qb next year then we should at least give them quality targets....our wr corps is awful i dont see how you could say we are pretty good at wide receiver...britt is an animal...cook has potential if he ever could get the chance with fisher...williams didnt look bad for what little you saw of him...I would like to see us get someone like steve smith from nyg to run the slow and draft julio jones with our first as no one else worth the number 8 will be there from the mocks i have read or we could sign a jackson to run #2 wr and draft a titus young or someone to play slot...i would even be alright if we ran cook in the slot and stevens at tight end in the 3 wide sets

    3. secondary-get nnamdi or champ and at safety we could always look to get darren sharper from the saint he may be old but i believe he could upgrade our secondary leadership alot

    4. oline- draft the c from tcu in the 3rd is a great idea...

    5. dline- were not all that bad here just injurys hurt us....if babin wants big money let him go and resign ball and ford again...we can draft a de later in the draft if we had to

    my scenario though would be this....

    trade cj for 2 first round picks to cards or someone ahead of us--draft prince and julio then trade the other first and our second next year from next years first round draft pick and draft jake locker so we will have 4 young wide receivers in britt, jones, cook, and stevens.

    draft the safety from oklahoma in the second

    center from tcu in the 3rd

    4. pick up a nice slot receiver or linebacker or secondary guy

    5. john clay-bruising back from wisconsin

    6. dont matter from here out really as we have improved a ton already i dont have any other ideas and anything beyond this would be a sugar coat

    now before you all rip my head just think about it....cj is getting so many carries cause fisher doesnt know how to use him properly....he will be done after 3 years 5 at max

    sign carolina old running back williams or mike tolbert from san diego and then draft a big back in draft i think ringer is a decent back too for how little he has played....if we got williams and rotated him with ringer and had a bruiser back for short yardage it would be like the backfield the giants had when they won the superbowl...

    set ourselves up to get our franchise qb with next years draft pick from the team that got cj and our 2nd or 3rd whatever it takes

    we upgrade at corner bigtime, receiver big time, o line and secondary in the mid rounds, complementary back late along with other lineman and such

    we need a franchise qb more than a franchise runningback
  7. griff33daddy

    griff33daddy Starter

    i would take devlin in the 2nd if we needed to to mentor under mcnabb or someone if he is going to end up like Flacco haha given that we dont trade cj which we wont

    just a theory
  8. Finnebosch

    Finnebosch I am vengeance.

    Free Agents

    - Albert Haynesworth will be released this year and if he is then Tennessee has to resign him. It is no coincidence the our D fell from top 5 to bottom 15 when he left.If he is motivated he is not only the best DT in football but one of the best defensive players in football.

    - Jason Babin has stated that he wants to return to us next season and I believe he will return with a discount. Babin has finally found a place that he will be successful and I think we should give him a front loaded deal. I think Morgan will be good but I don't think we can really trust him coming off of a torn ACL. We rotate our DL so much that we would still get production from Morgan but we need a proven pass rusher to take advantage of the double teams Haynesworth will take.

    - Eric Weddle would replace Chris Hope in our secondary and give us a sure tackler in the secondary that wouldn't be repeatedly burned in coverage. A new saftey and a interior Dline presence and I believe that our defense would be a top 10 unit once more.


    Round One: The best player available here would be Patrick Peterson or Prince Amukamara which would give us a potential shut down corner. If neither is there when we pick I think we should grab Darius or Paea to boast our DLine even more. I think Jones needs to move to DE and the DLine of Babin - Hanyesworth - (Darius/Paea) - Jones would be an elite unit.

    Round Two: Bruce Carter would give us a linebacker that could run step for step with TE's like Gates and Davis. I don't know about you guys but I can't stand TE's burn us over and over again.

    Round Three: (Trade for Kyle Orton)
  9. onetontitan

    onetontitan Marioto

    You wrote EXACTLY what I was about to write. Well done.
  10. Johnnyrex

    Johnnyrex Starter

    IMO this team greatest wound is the lack of leadership/play from an elite linebacker... I think we should address that either in the draft or in the free agents market.

    LaMarr Woodley or Chad Greenway could be an option here... also heard good things about Akeem Ayers from UCLA.

    Either way, I would go to the draft with a strong feeling of boosting the linebacker position.
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