What phone do you have?

Discussion in 'Gear' started by Gunny, May 5, 2011.

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  1. Chapparal97

    Chapparal97 Grumpy Old Fart

    Cruds.....The glass was my biggest issue with the iPhone, beyond cost.

    I had an iphone 4 that fell out of the holster onto the ground and shattered. On the 4, you can't just replace the glass like on the 3. Was gonna cost $225 to fix. I bought a new DroidX for half the price and am very happy with the Android system.
  2. Fry

    Fry Welcome to the land of tomorrow!

    I never understood making a phone out of glass. The body of the 3g was just fine...
  3. lockerdnloaded

    lockerdnloaded Camp Fodder

    Droid 2 R2-D2 Star Wars edition. Great phone. I'm eligible for an upgrade next month. Might look into something newer.
  4. I love my rooted tbolt but have had 2 iPhones previously.....iPhone is a better phone by a slim margin.

    Don't care what Deuce says, I've had extensive experience with both and, while both are great, the iPhone is a little better. Mainly because it's nowhere near as buggy and the battery runs circles around the Droid's.
  5. Gunny

    Gunny Shoutbox Fuhrer

    My issue was poor reception. 30% of the time I wouldn't get a call that someone said they made to me or my call wouldn't go through or it would cut out mid conversation. It would randomly have no service that would be fixed by turning off and on the iphone.
  6. Titanic_Sub

    Titanic_Sub Pro Bowler

    Blackberry 9900 now. I had an Iphone4 for awhile and I really just couldn't get used to it, I hated the interface it seemed so kiddish? So I sold it and got the 9900, it's far from a perfect phone, but I like it, it works for what I need.
  7. Ryudo

    Ryudo Farten Up

    What I want
    image hosting jpeg

    What I have

    Got it today. Sure it's no smartphone. Just got it personalized with Mega Man on front Ys inside

    I'm not unhappy or anything with these. The flip I just got. Other was free from the state.(being diabled and poor awaiting SSI) I just at some point hope to get a smartphone and doubt I will ever be able to get the RAZR or something top line but sure I can eventually get decent phone with the widgets and woozits :p
  8. Scarecrow

    Scarecrow All-Pro

    HTC ThunderBolt

    love the kickstand
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