What is your criteria for judging prospects?

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  1. JerseyTitan

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    Consistency > Explosiveness
    Leadership/Teamwork > Individual Stats/Awards
    Work Ethic > Flash
    Game Knowledge > Talk
    Technique > Power
    Production > Potential
    Practice Performance = Game Performance
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    College production vs. Profession potential -- People like Kellen Moore and Colt McCoy where amazing QB's in college but did not have a lot NFL potential. Their ceilings are essentially elite college players.

    Context -- What system are they in? Do the skills they've shown translate to the NFL field. What sort of talent is playing around them?

    Character -- Is the guy mature enough to handle being an NFL player? How is he in the locker room?

    What does his girlfriend look like? Is she ugly? Ugly girlfriend ='s bad eyesight.
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    A lot of what they judge has changed over the years. Character has really come in to play over the past 10 years. Are they wanting to be an entertainer or a football player? Technique is HUGE because if that isn't developed at this point, it's hard to say it ever will. Knowing how to position your body and have the right leverage is everything in this game. Taking the proper steps can be the difference in a 80 yard touchdown or a 5 yard loss. 40 times don't mean much in my opinion. Game speed and film means much more to me. Strength can help, but definitely doesn't mean everything. Fluidity in the hips for skill position can play a factor. Knowledge of the game and definitely knowledge of their position is key, but more so understanding the player that is lined up against them. Learning their traits, habits, and studying film of their opponent is a huge advantage. If you can tell by how a guy is lined up what he is going to do, you've almost won the battle and definitely have the upper hand. Work ethic is something teams love to see in players. Guys that want to come in and work to get better everyday and have a team that has a goal of winning a championship and if they don't, it's a failure. It's not all about what they can do on the field, but how they mentally handle themselves and seeing if they can hold up under pressure like they have never faced before. Something else that comes in to play is definitely their productivity. Have they performed better each year, stayed consistent, or declined? Are they a one year wonder? We see that one prospect that comes out every year that just had a monster season, but where were they before that? Can they keep it up and establish themselves as a dominant player at their position in the league. One of the biggest keys is what scheme they fit. You can look at it quite a few different ways whether it's the style offense you run, how you run things in the box defensively (3-4 or 4-3), and how you play in the secondary (Zone or Man to Man). A lot of things come in to play to find the players that fit your team and help those players become the Pro Bowlers that you hope they will be. Some times it doesn't always work out and you have players like Tom Brady that were looked over, but when they get the opportunity they run with it. In the end, they definitely take a chance on every player they draft.