What four passing TDs mean about Indy's defense

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    Posted by ESPN.com's Paul Kuharsky The Colts have given up just four passing touchdowns this season, a ridiculous number when looked at alone, especially considering the next-best number in the league is double that. Tennessee has allowed eight.

    That the Colts have given up 15 rushing touchdowns and are seventh in scoring defense contextualizes it a bit.

    Indianapolis has been impressive at stopping TD passes this season, but it's in part because teams have found ways to run into the end zone.

    The record for fewest TD passes allowed in a 16 game season is nine - by the 1978 Denver Broncos and 1990 Pittsburgh Steelers.

    Here's a comparison of the Colts to those two defenses:

    Team/Passing TDs/Rushing TDs/Defensive rank/Defense vs. Pass/Defense vs. Run
    2008 Colts*/4/15/12/25/5
    1990 Steelers/9/13/1/1/11
    1978 Broncos/9/12/6/14/6

    *Through 13 games

    Who are the best rushing touchdown defenses this season? Five teams have given up six rushing touchdowns or fewer: Baltimore with three, Tampa Bay and Pittsburgh with five and San Diego and Philadelphia with six.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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