What could be, if we had a fantastic front office.

Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by HeadOnASwivel, Feb 3, 2013.

  1. HeadOnASwivel

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    I just thought I'd have a little fun with the draft, at least, this is what I would do if I were in charge considering the state of the Titans franchise. Like all of you, I've tried to dissect the issues our team faces and, needless to say, they are plentiful. We need major help in so many areas the only thing that make sense to me is to try to load up on as many picks as possible. I know, I know, before you try to convince yourselves that "no way Cincy trades that pick" and so on, this is just an example of what we could do if we are smart and proactive from a front office approach. Year after year we see many other teams do this so assuming we couldn't, if we chose to, is just denial.

    I'm not saying that the trades will come from Cincy and Frisco specifically, but you get the point I hope. There is nothing wrong with calling all the teams and notifying them that we are willing to trade out of 10 and also we are willing to deal our high 2nd. If a team is in love with a specific player which they are afraid will not make it to them (this happens often) then they'll know we are willing to deal and hopefully give us a call. I'm totally guessing about the comp picks but I think a 4th and 6th are reasonable expectations.

    Titans trade 10th overall to Cincinnati for their first round pick (21st overall) and their 2nd round pick (5th selection).
    Titans trade to San Fran its 2nd round pick (5th selection) for San Fran's 2nd round pick (32nd selection) and 3rd round pick(12th selection).

    1. (21): Xavier Rhodes, CB, Florida St.
    2. (8): Larry Warford, G, Kentucky
    2. (32): Brian Schwenke, C, California
    3. (8): Bacarri Rambo, S, Georgia
    3. (12): Brandon Williams, DT, Missouri Southern State
    4. (10): Stepfan Taylor, RB, Stanford
    4. (comp): Zac Dysert, QB, Miami (Ohio)
    5. (9): Andrew Jackson, ILB, Western Kentucky
    6. (comp): Marquise Goodwin, WR, Texas
    7. (10): Lucas Reed, TE, New Mexico


    I think it's imperative we show way more 3-4 looks to utilize the strength of our team which is clearly our LB corps. It's also a must that this team plays more man coverage on the back end. I think we are all sick and tired of watching our corners play 10-12 yards off the ball and just giving up tons of yardage. Drafting Rhodes gives us a big corner that can run and play man coverage, this would also force Verner into the nickel which is really where he should be. Brandon Williams will be our anchor in 3-4 looks and Andrew Jackson has the ideal size to play inside in the 3-4. I'm not saying that Jackson would start right away or anything but he'd provide much needed depth behind McCarthy and may develop into a real thumper.

    Warford and Schwenke solve the issues in the interior O-line, finally. They are both, clearly, day one starters on this team. I imagine Velasco would compete for the other guard position and backup Schwenke. Rambo give us a ball hawk in the back end who can play either safety position.

    Taylor backs up CJ and give us a legit threat being CJ which we do not currently have. With Hass on his way out the door Dysert becomes our 3 and gets a year to learn behind Hass.

    Goodwin becomes our return man and Reed gives us some TE depth and has a lot of athletic potential.

    Again, I was just having some fun and I don't realistically expect something like this to happen on draft day. However, I feel this scenario would be possible IF we had a good front office and that just isn't the case sadly.
  2. HeadOnASwivel

    HeadOnASwivel Starter

    Wow, what the hell happened to the font in my post? That's strange, oh well :)
  3. Fry

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    I don't really know if Rhodes helps us in the first. He's a tough evaluation. All depends on whether you think he has the hips and deep speed to transition vs NFL WRs or is he another Antrel Rolle?

    And that's a lot of effort to move around for guys who won't even fit our system. I wish people would understand that we aren't going to run a 3-4.
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    I've noticed lots of strange formatting issues since the forum got the new look.
  5. HeadOnASwivel

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    I still think we'll run a base 4-3 but that in no way means we can't show 3-4 looks from time to time, especially on 3rd down.
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    I hate handpicked mocks. I hate handpicked mocks with multiple trades even more. I'm not sold on Rhodes. I'm okay with all the other guys, though I've got a love/hate thing with Rambo. He was really bad last year. He got burned a lot and got called for several PF's.
  7. HeadOnASwivel

    HeadOnASwivel Starter

    I agree handicapped mocks are so out of left field, again I was just trying to have a little fun. My main mock, of course, will not contain trades.

    The reason I like Rhodes is because he has the ability to flip to FS and may be more suited for that position anyway. Either way he could start at corner or FS, kinda like killing two birds with one stone since C and FS are both areas of need.
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