"We're not what we used to be?"

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by moose4now, Aug 31, 2007.

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    yea houston is gonna beat us twice.. as will jags and colts
  2. moose4now

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    Do you really think it'll take that long? :evil:

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    If you listen to national media, or any media outside of Titan friendly media, you'll live your life in despair...A few things worth pointing out.

    1) Eddie George who was not at all friendly to the Titans last year, ( he called them a Pop Warner team) Has been much more encourging when speaking of this years team.

    2) We lost Mr. 9 kids with 9 women, think I'll smoke drugs, But I sure can run if I got a great O-line in front of me, and everybody else chasing Vince Young --T. Henry. I'm glad he's gone. How could anyone who watched White and Brown run behind what is becoming an excellent O-line not feel we'll be fine in our running game. ( yeah I know it's preseason )

    3) Bobby Wade and Drew Bennet were, at best # 2 ( more like # 3) recievers.
    The guys we got are at least that good and improving.

    4) Who in their right mind would think Vince Young is going to be "worse" this year than last year?

    5) The "newly inspired" first team defense has looked impressive. ( yeah I know it's preseason)

    6) Sept. 9 is put up or shut up time...Til then it doesn't matter what anybody says....
Thread Status:
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