Well.... There Goes Tony Gonzalez

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by BigRed3, Jan 12, 2007.

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  1. BigRed3

    BigRed3 Straight Cash, Homey


    Tony Gonzalez is close to a six-year deal with the Chiefs. I know a lot of people on here were campaigning for him in the offseason, but that seems to be over now.
  2. GoTitans3801

    GoTitans3801 Forward Progress!

    Rats, and from Foxnews... terrible...

    He would have been a great addition, but it's probably the best deal for him to stay there.
  3. TNThunder

    TNThunder Guest

    No loss...we have plenty of TE's.
  4. Vigsted

    Vigsted Starter

    He's on the decline anyway
  5. GoTitans3801

    GoTitans3801 Forward Progress!

    We do? Who?

    Kinney? Probably won't come back from that surgery.

    Troupe? Hasn't shown enough to rely on.

    Scaife? Yes, he's good. He alone isn't plenty.

    Cramer? Hartsock? Whoever our 6th and 7th stringers were? They did a good job stepping in, but I wouldn't say we're set with them.

    TE is an important position, especially with a developing QB. I was completely satisfied with our TE group going into the season, but if Kinney doesn't come back, it changes dramatically.

    I don't think it's a big deal that we can't sign Tony, but it was a nice idea.
  6. oochymp

    oochymp Camp Fodder

    Seriously, why would we need one great TE when we have 2 very good ones and a few other serviceable ones?
  7. SuperVince

    SuperVince Camp Fodder

    Gonzo re-up'd

    Just saw Tony Gonzales resigned with the Chefs, well it was a nice pipe dream while it lasted.
    My bad on the repost, but what does this mean in terms of our situation at TE if we lose faith in Troupe
  8. TNThunder

    TNThunder Guest

    Kinney is no loss. Hartsock can do the same thing. Scaife is our premier TE, and I think Troupe will have a much better year. We have more places we need to spend money than in that area. Hall and White can also catch and run pretty well, so I don't receiving as a glaring problem.
  9. GoTitans3801

    GoTitans3801 Forward Progress!

    Kinney is no loss? He was our best blocking TE, and a guy with good hands who you could throw to when you really needed it. It's hard to calculate his value, but it's well above Hartsock. Hall and White can catch and run pretty well, but they aren't TEs.

    I don't see it as a glaring problem either, but it may be something we need to address, and it's certainly a position that at this point looks to be weaker in 2007 than in 2006.
  10. We have Bo Scaife who is pretty decent, so he and Troupe would make a good tandem, Kinney might be done for his career though, I think the titans should look for a late round TE in the draft, just like they did with Scaife...
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