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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Scarecrow, Jul 17, 2013.

  1. GTFO my pancakz

    GTFO my pancakz S.D.M.F.

    Ummm no we shouldn't.
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  2. RavensShallBurn

    RavensShallBurn Ruck the Favens

    Yea I was saying that population doesn't matter... Just ownership, as you said.

    I don't know how to judge a city's population, but Wikipedia also says the city of Pittsburgh's population is 307,484 while Nashville's is 601,222.
  3. 5tweezyPOT

    5tweezyPOT Pro Bowler

    well you start by looking at how the people dress...
  4. RTH

    RTH Meh...

    Peyton Manning. If not for Peyton Manning, nobody would follow the Colts.

    Then, they aquire Luck... if not for the Media loving his balls, the coverage of them would go away.
  5. Tennessy XO

    Tennessy XO RESIST

    Anybody else think we have a severe marketing problem?

    The stadium experience is straight cheese.

    The videos and songs are awful.

    There is no atmosphere. Why are there goofy cottages in the endzones?

    The uniform set and logo are unanimously known as cheesy and ugly across the league.

    Why can't this team promote itself as "the South's team"?

    Embrace SEC culture. Promote yourself as the mid south's NFL team the same way the Braves do in baseball.

    Market more in Kentucky, Birmingham, Huntsville, northern Mississippi.

    The Falcon's have a pretty weak base outside of the immediate Atlanta area. I'm only a couple hours from Atlanta and see zero support for the Falcons. The Titans could grab up some of that.

    I'd start by locking down East Tennessee. Hold training camp in Knoxville. Partner up with the school and do a home and home ticket package deal. The home schedules match up sometimes. Tickets to a Vols game on Saturday and a Titans game on Sunday. I did this many times when I lived in Knoxville. Epic football weekends.

    Have the future Titans coach and BJ do promotions together.

    I'd start by winning though and sadly that is still a couple years away.

    The logo and uniform change can happen now though.
  6. netnut

    netnut Starter

    Winners Talk Losers Walk!
    Nuff said.
  7. 5tweezyPOT

    5tweezyPOT Pro Bowler

    which explains why my mouth never stops moving
  8. 5tweezyPOT

    5tweezyPOT Pro Bowler

    ahhh I hope luck pulls a ricky Williams and quits football to smoke weedz all day thatd be the best thing ever
  9. CalgaryTitansFan

    CalgaryTitansFan Starter

    I feel the pain, the last time one of my teams won a championship was 74, and I wasn't even thought of for another 11 years lol. Sadly I've seen both my teams close and they both lost and painful fashion,. the 99-00 Titans, the 97 Flyers, and then again in 2010. So much pain :( lol. There's a reason I hate the Rams, Red Wings & Blackhawks so much.
  10. corymiller

    corymiller New Era Connoisseur

    The Titans could do themselves a favor by heading a few blocks west to 501 Broadway and hiring the marketing department of the Nashville Predators. In my eyes, they've the best marketing department in the NHL and could really help the Titans.
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