Weirdest Draft ever.

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by SwingOnDeezBalz, May 1, 2006.

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  1. GoT

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    The notion that all the Titans picks should have been slotted as starters is silly. Of course the bulk of the picks should be thought of as depth/competition for the established starters.

    The idea that the Titans were so bad that there would be 10 or so rookie starters is nuts. Titans had holes and needs I think they addressed everything except OL, and I am just hoping they know what they are doing regarding that situation.
  2. Titanpride

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    The same, no. Haynesworth concern was he was lazy at times and wasn't a good practice player. Did he get into a verbal altercation with Fisher during a practice over effort... absolutely, but he wasn't a thug off the field, and he didn't have his gangbanger buddies throwing gang signs over his shoulder during a nationalized espn draft interview... and his actions still continue. Debate is a big part of the NFL draft, it always has been.
  3. wg53

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    Vick is 6'0. And should be a WR. His passing is subpar. Young will be a better QB than Vick has thought of being. All Vick has is his running at this point. He only hits receiver after they've broken open. He has yet to establish a feeling for and anticipating the receiver breaking open like a pocket passer.
  4. Slipjack

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    This is for the Colts idiot. Polian is slowly but surely turning the Colts into the Bills. Alway close but no cigar. Cap hell is coming, my friend, where will Polian be when that day comes?
  5. Tez

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    Gang signs? :suspect:

    How are you so sure they were throwing up gang signs?
  6. Gut

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    Vick is only a little behind where McNair was after his first 3 years as a starter...and Vick is a much better runner. Vick still has all-world potential, but he needs to get a lot better. But I think he can....though I'm not sure he will.

    As far as Pacman...
    The Titans like to portray a sqeaky clean image but many players on past and present teams have had off the field issues. If they felt like it was a one time thing or the player was worth the gamble after falling in the draft...they took a shot.

    I seem to recall a lot of people on this board saying not taking Moss...a huge headache kind of guy...was a mistake. If you thought we should have taken Moss, you shouldn't have a problem with the Titans taking anyone with baggage. Of course, you might be like me in saying we shouldn't have taken a 5'9 CB at #6 overall...baggage or no baggage.

    Ideally, every player would show leadership the first one to practice, the last one to leave, working extra time, the first at all volunteer workouts, ect.

    When guys don't show up to volunteer workouts...whether they are legitimately working out on their own or not, it shows a lack of team chemistry. Get a bunch of these guys and all of a sudden you have a bunch of 2nd and 3rd depth chart guys working out at the team facility together while all the 'star' players workout by themselves. Not good for team morale and chemistry. And this just is a TEAM game.

    So while Pac's behavior looks worse than it's bite (so far), it DOES have a negative impact on the team...even if he is working out like Superman on his own. This is why Fisher privately probably came down harder on Bulluck when he did it. Bulluck is the leader of the D and you can't have your leaders not LEADING! If Pac wants to live up to his #6 pick value, he needs to play exceptionally well, but also become a team leader both on and OFF the field.

    That is what it's about and hopefully, he'll learn something from guys like McNair, Bulluck, Givens, Hope and Mawae.

  7. whitevick331

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    Your kidding right, Young against a USC team that is basically a NFL team, took them and bacially said no ur not better than texas or me. he single handily took the USC defense, with NFl player potential on it, and said screw you, you cant stop me. he single hanidly beat a NFL style team. All the hype, all the greatness in USC got shut down by one player, VINCE YOUNG. Also the kid has fun. Thats why i liked him better, he jokes, he luaghs, he makes the best out of every game and situation. He will not crack under pressure. Look at what teams HE beat this year. He is the leader we have been looking for. Hes the one that the guys can look to for a leader and for a job to be done. And dont talk cuz young would **** on sorgi, hes better than that bum right now then he will ever be. Dont hate on young. And also for all u madden gamers....with young on our no one will beat us lol
  8. GoTitans3801

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    USC was not an NFL team... Young will have a transition to make. I'm excited about him as a player, but he has plenty to learn. USC wasn't the dominant team that their rep said they were. They should have lost to Notre Dame, and had times when they looked spotty.
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