Week Two Injury Report

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    SUMMARY: Tennessee Titans: OUT - DE Antwan Odom (Knee); TE Erron Kinney (Knee). QUESTIONABLE - RB LenDale White (Ankle); T Jacob Bell (Toe); RB Ahmard Hall (Ankle); G Benji Olson (Hamstring); RB Travis Henry (Toe); DT Robaire Smith (Hamstring).

    San Diego Chargers: DOUBTFUL - TE Aaron Shea (Back). QUESTIONABLE - TE Ryan Krause (Hamstring); T Leander Jordan (Neck); G Kris Dielman (Hamstring); DE Igor Olshansky (Knee). PROBABLE - CB Cletis Gordon (Wrist).

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    So that leaves us with Chris Brown... I am guessing that we will pass alot from 5 wide formation. I know Brown is good when he is in the game, but "when" is the key word there. I will just wait and see what plays out... Another thing, will the Titans have to activate Ganther off the PS to fill in for Hall?
  3. Crash Override

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    I hope our o-line can step up to the challenge. Roos will have his hands full trying to stop Merriman.
  4. c'mon. i'm really anxious to see # 25 on the feild .....
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