Week Five Injury Report

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    SUMMARY: Tennessee Titans: OUT - WR David Givens (Hand); TE Erron Kinney (Knee); G Zach Piller (Ankle). QUESTIONABLE - DT Jesse Mahelona (Knee); LB Robert Reynolds (Thigh); WR Drew Bennett (Quadricep); C Eugene Amano (Ankle).

    Indianapolis Colts: OUT - DT Corey Simon (Knee). QUESTIONABLE - T Ryan Diem (Groin); CB Nick Harper (Groin); CB Kelvin Hayden (Ankle); CB Marlin Jackson (Concussion); T Charlie Johnson (Ankle); DT Dan Klecko (Low Back); TE Ben Utecht (Low Back); G Ryan Lilja (Knee); DT Montae Reagor (Knee); S Bob Sanders (Knee); C Jeff Saturday (Low Back); WR Brandon Stokley (Ankle); DE Josh Thomas (Ankle); K Adam Vinatieri (Right Groin)

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  2. Fry

    Fry Welcome to the land of tomorrow!

    hey, finally a team thats more banged up than us!
  3. Sappersis

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    oh i wouldnt let the extreme amount of colt injuries fool you, we have the one and only Martin Gramatica. You do know that one Martin Gramatica is all that is needed to defeat any NFL team on sunday right? :grrhee: :grrhee:
Thread Status:
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