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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by MadDog, Oct 4, 2009.

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  1. MadDog


    Ok so I took some time to break down our some of our problems on the defensive side of the ball, and here's some of the things I noticed...

    For the first example i'll use the 3rd and 10 play that Sanchez ran and scored the first TD of the game last week.

    Here you see an odd alignment from the Titans showing 3 down-lineman with nickel coverage.

    The first thing that I see that is very obvious is that KVB is in a LB spot(from the looks of it he's going to bull rush). Right off the bat if I were the QB I knew that this was going to be a blitz...

    The second thing you notice is how both outside CBs of the Titans are playing 10 yards off the reciever and defending the 5 and the endzone. It is however a 3rd and 10 situation which is a smart call by the Titans, but not backed by a blitzing interior...

    The third thing I noticed was that Fuller is in the nickel and playing inside the slot reciever, which shows he's either in zone or ready to blitz. So in his position he's accounting for two players(RB and Slot WR).

    In final, the Titans rushed seven while dropping 4 back in coverage... The Jets recievers just ran routes toward the endzone while Jones slipped out of the backfield to draw out one man and open a lane straight to the endzone... Too many things wrong on this play, bad play call IMO(almost a prevent situational call for the secondary).

    This was the play before the TD... Seriously, what would you do in this situation? I'd throw a short pass to the wideout to my left to gain some easy yards and maybe even YAC...

    Result of this play was an incompletion where Finnegan jumped the route in the endzone. Which makes me wonder, are we playing this far off the ball to make plays and get turnovers? Seems a little risky to me, teams will nickel and dime us if we give them that much space... And on the other side of the ball you've got a cover 2 zone between Harper and Hope, most QB's can fit those passes between our defenders.

    All I'm trying to say here is that we need to declare our selves on one identity. I just don't believe we can be an agressive team up front and play laid back in the secondary... We need to just man up and take our chances with our skilled players. We did tighten up a little in the second half, but not as much as I would have liked to seen.
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  2. GoT

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    nice read.
  3. Vigsted

    Vigsted Starter

    Actually, aside from personnel and alignment issues I don't really see a problem with those two playcalls from what I can see in the pictures (I didn't get to see the game).

    The first one is a sound call considering the down and distance, although I don't get why you go to a 3 man front and put KVB as an ILB. But backing the DB's off on a 3rd and long and bringing pressure is not a bad call.

    In the second one it looks like we're playing quarter-quarter-half which is a sound call against the Trey. Only thing is I'd want Griffin and Finnegan a little closer to the LOS and Hope on the outside of the hash.

    But again it's hard to judge because I don't know the actual calls nor how the plays unfolded.
  4. MadDog


    As what I was saying, not a bad call in the situation, only one thing... why bring 7 on the blitz when they have 4 wide? It seems more logical to me to have 4 down-lineman with 2 LB's and a nickel defender... While dropping atleast one or possibly 2 defenders to watch the middle of the field for those underneath routes while spying a slip out back or running QB. But on that play we rushed 7 straight up the interior line to the right side of the Jets line which opened up a lane to the left for Sanchez to run. There should be a happy medium for Chuck...
    In the first half, most of the plays the Jets ran where shots to the deep middle or quick passes underneath. Cover 2 Man is what Chuck has been dialing up alot this year, and it's not working at all with a weak pass rush. It seems to me like we are trying to bait the opposing team into making those quick and tight throws, while on our end trying to be agressive and jump routes almost every play. Anticipation is a DB's best friend, and then again it can stab them in the back. If were going to play agressive, we need to show it on the LOS and not 10 yards off(With the exception of guys like Andre Johnson).
  5. Gut

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    Exactly what we wanted Sanchez to think...here comes the blitz and I don't know where it's coming from...gotta get the ball out fast. Idea being...you want the QB speeding up the clock in his head BEFORE the play starts. How many times did the Jets align in this type of alignment and brought the blitz we knew was coming and STILL get a free rusher to the QB?

    Playing off on 3rd and 10 when you're bringing more blitzers than they can block is the ideal strategy. They will either run quick outs, slants/post or a fade. Playing off allows us to jump those routes as the ball should be out quick.

    That is what you'd expect though a LB, KVB or a S could jump the slot at the snap. The point is to make the jets unsure who's coming and from where. Is Fuller blitzing off the edge as we usually do or is it gonna be a heavy rush up the middle?

    In the end, this was a GREAT playcall but poor execution. When the RB went out for a pass, Fuller broke off his blitz to cover him. But 2 players made mistakes that cost us. First, B ulluck does nothing on this play. He's the free rusher and he doesn't get to the QB. He's a vet and yet he keeps trying to jump up and knock down a pass rather than attack the QB and put him on the ground. You can't rush more than they can block and not get there. Terrible. The other mistake was KVB. I've noticed several times he kept trying to get inside his guy which breaks containment. If he took an outside rush and Bulluck went for the QB, we very likely get a sack. The rush lanes were also not very good overall.

    How many times have we seen the other team (Steelers and Jets) get an immediate free rusher and force us to get rid of it (throw it away or bad pass). Our poor execution turned a great playcall into an offensive TD.

    This was the play before the TD... Seriously, what would you do in this situation? I'd throw a short pass to the wideout to my left to gain some easy yards and maybe even YAC...

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  6. MadDog


    Well we seen the short passes, tight windows in our lax coverage and the deep middle get ate up again today... I will have some dreadful anaylsis of week 4's D on Monday or Tuesday.
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