Week 2 Fantasy Tips

Discussion in 'Titan Cup/Fantasy Football' started by J Falk, Sep 12, 2012.

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    So I put up more points than anyone in my league this week(Matt Ryan helped with that). This week, however, I'm having a dilemma with my flex position. Do I start Shonn Greene vs. the Steelers OR Dexter McCluster vs the Bills. I also have the option to start Nate W, but I'm expecting my starter, Kenny, to have the bigger week. I'm leaning towards McCluster right now because Greene couldn't even notch 100 yards against the Bills, so how good will he do against the Steel Curtain? SO, Greene, McCluster, or Nate?
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    I'd go Mccluster. Give me some advice too haha. Should I go Dwyer vs. the Jets, Wright vs the Chargers or Donald Jones vs the Chiefs? That's for my FLEX also; Britt was originally gonna be my FLEX but since GB's Jennings may be out, I had to move Britt to a regular WR slot.

    Also, I'm thinking of going Rudolph vs. the Colts over Cook vs. the Chargers.
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    McCluster is garbage.

    I'm not a huge Greene fan either but he's a feature back... I wouldn't start any Titans WR either personally. Cook is the only one worth starting IMO - Britt may be in a week or two, but it's too big of a risk at the moment.

    As for the second set of options. I would like Dwyer the best, but he's hurt and the Jets have a good defense. With Britt and Nate playing against the Chargers, Wright will see fairly limited looks. Titans will spread them between the three of them and Cook. Honestly, Donald Jones may be your best bet.

    Edit: Just read that Munchak is gonna limit Britt to 15-25 snaps. Aka, stay away from him in fantasy.
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    I applaud you for trying, Scarecrow.

    I made an "Official Fantasy Football Help Thread" back to back years with the logical conclusion that everyone would post in there instead of having to make threads each week. Had to give up this year.

    Btw the answer is clearly Nate in my eyes. A safer pick than the other two scrubs.
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    Yea I was just hoping to keep clutter out of the FF forum much less this one.

    And yea, go with Nate. Guy is consistent and has chemistry with Locker.
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    I've got Rivers and Cutler at QB. I'm torn in who to start this week.

    Cutler vs the Pack or Rivers vs us?
  7. Scarecrow

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    Cutler talked a big game, plus I like their targets.

    Make it easy on yourself to root for Cutler, and boo Rivers.
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    Rivers vs us... I have a theory that every time I play our opposing team's QB in fantasy that they always do horrible and we win.

    But I'd go with Cutler. They're going to light up the Packers.
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    Yea, it was just frustrating how I made the thread and it worked for the first week, then everyone started making their own threads like this.

    Then all the sudden the advice questions get posted here in this thread and ignored in the main one.
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    Yea, I mean, I feel like you get better advice in a centralized location as compared to having it spread out all over the place.